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YouTube Premium vs YouTube TV : What’s the Difference?

Youtube premium vs Youtube TV – Confused? This year YouTube marked the fifteenth anniversary of operation. During that time, the service underwent a drastic transformation from a free video-sharing platform into a media corporation providing a variety of services and exclusive content.

Now, you can choose between good-old regular YouTube, Premium subscription, and YouTube TV.

Here is a brief explanation of the difference between all of those services, and which one is worth your money.

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Evolution Of YouTube Paid Services

youtube evolution

For many years, the company’s primary source of revenue was running ads at the beginning of videos. But in 2015, the company introduced its first paid service, YouTube Red.

The company was planning to make money on people paying for an opportunity to watch videos ad-free. Simultaneously, the company announced YouTube Originals.

Under its brand, the platform provides an abundance of content exclusive to the paid subscription. Both Originals and Red were coming in one package, and apart from it, the rest was just the same as the ad-supported version.

Such a small detail as hiding ads proved its value. It significantly improved user experience and overall user satisfaction.

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And the major proof of that is that the subscription is still available across the world. But don’t get it wrong, the company still makes the most significant portion of the revenue on ads and brand deals.

Here comes the confusion, what’s the difference between YouTube Red and YouTube Premium?

With time the company decided to go by YouTube Premium and left the old name behind. Now, it’s an all-encompassing service.

In 2017, the company went one step further and introduced YouTube TV. It’s a cable network streaming and live broadcast television service.

In 2018, YouTube announced the introduction of one more platform, YouTube Music. It’s yet another music streaming service.

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Before making the final decision of which one to choose, let’s dive into details and see what each of the plans offers.

What You Get With YouTube Premium

For the price of $11.99 per month, you get:

1.  Ad-free YouTube videos, no matter if ad-breaks come at the beginning or in the middle of a video. The feature works on all devices.

2.  What was and still is known as YouTube Originals. You get access to exclusive content featuring top YouTube vloggers. Shows, documentaries, and movies are unique to the platform, and you simply can’t find them anywhere else.

3.  From now on, you can download videos for offline viewing. It comes in handy if you’re commuting and have a poor connection on the way.

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4.  With the background play feature, you can now watch videos or listen to podcasts with your screen locked.

For example, you’re watching a video on mobile and get a message notification. You can quickly flip between the apps and still listen to the video.

5.  You also get access to YouTube Music Premium. The service is much like Spotify or Apple Music.


These features give lots of freedom regarding how and when you want to watch YouTube: whether it’s on a smartphone, smart TV, or laptop.

YouTube Premium is also coming into a family package to enjoy it together.

YouTube Premium vs YouTube TV

youtube tv vs youtube premium

To make it clear from the very beginning, these are two different services.

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Hence, if you pay for YouTube TV, you’ll still get ads at the beginning of every video you tune in. And vice versa, YouTube Premium subscribers need to sign up separately to get a TV account.

YouTube TV is a more pricey service, but it’s still less than you usually pay for the cable, to be fair. For $64.99 a month, you get more than 85 channels, including NFL, NBA, CNN, BBC, Nickelodeon, National Geographic, and much more.

You have access to live TV, on-demand movies, popular TV shows, and games. The major difference from a traditional television is rewind, fast forward, and pause capability.

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With one membership, you get six accounts and three streams what’s more than enough for an average family.

Unlike YouTube Premium, YouTube TV is available only in the USA.

Which One To Choose In The End?

Knowing all the differences between YouTube TV and Premium, it’s up to you to decide which one to choose.

Besides, subscriptions like this are more convenient to use and save lots of time than traditional means. Who does not want to save time?

An example in this regard will be – professional services like writing. These writing services significantly ease your life with their premium services. You pay for convenience and time and make your life a bit easier. 

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Services like can help you with a college assignment, college application, or nursing essay.

The core principle is to work smarter, not harder by using tools meant to give added value. Delegating the work, you free yourself some time to focus on what matters the most or enjoy your favourite shows! 

The same is in the case of YouTube. Both their services provide good value for their cost. If you live outside of the US, it’s an easy decision to make. YouTube TV may not be available in your region. 

Before paying for a Premium plan or a TV package, answer a couple of questions:

  • What shows do you enjoy the most? Are they available online, or you need a TV for that?
  • Where do you watch YouTube the most: resting on a couch, commuting to work, or while doing something else simultaneously?
  • Does advertisement get on your nerves?
  • Do you want to have access to exclusive content, or you prefer famous shows going on TV?
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If you’re more of a TV person, then YouTube TV is what you need. You get unlimited cloud DVR storage space and an impressive number of channels to scroll through. If you’re more into YouTube vloggers, original shows, and music, then YouTube Premium is your go-to service.

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