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How to Fix Xfinity Slow Upload Speed

Worried for Xfinity slow upload speed?

When you take a new Internet Connection what matters most to you is what speed the provider is giving you.

And by Internet speed we mention Uploading Speed as well as the Downloading Speed.

Comcast Xfinity gives promises that you will receive good features.

But many times users experience Xfinity slow upload speed while your download being good.

How to Fix Xfinity Upload Speed?

fix xfinity upload speed

To fix Xfinity upload speed you need to do this basic troubleshooting steps.

  • Use an Ethernet Cable to connect your PC.
  • Update your PC to the latest version.
  • Scan your PC for Malwares and Adwares.
  • Check your Internet package for speed limits.
  • Find out if your modem has any issue.
  • Stop sharing the Wi-Fi with others.

In this article you will learn the main reasons for this problem and the procedure to  fix  the issue.

What is Comcast Xfinity Internet?

comcast iternet

Comcast Xfinity Internet service will give you access to the world of Internet.

They use all the possible modern technologies to give the best possible Internet service.

You can play all the latest games, watch all the latest movies, or surf the net with ease.

It also offers digital television programming, digital radio programming, digital sports programming, and digital home entertainment programming.

This includes all the best movies and music.

With the Xfinity Internet service, there is no longer a need to pay high rates for cable television.

You can even rent movies and play them in your home. It also provides Internet bundles to choose from.

Why Upload Speed Matters?

why upload speed matters

These days everyone is after “download”. But “upload speed” also matters. Be it uploading files or conference Upload rate matters.

As per a recent study, users always gets low upload speed while comparing to download speed.

slow upload speed chart

Consider the example of a businessman.

He may need to upload a presentation or file immediately to Company.

So, if the internet keeps lagging during the sending process, his work will be delayed.

And at that time, the individual is bound to become restless and angry.

Requirements of Good Uploading Internet

  • Backup of Important data
  • To send large attachment
  • To use apps like Google Documents, Dropbox etc
  • VOIP telephone Calls
  • Skype Calls

Same is in the case of gamers. For them uploading rate matters the most. Without it they may not be able to play game high end games properly.

Hence a good uploading provider is a requirement of this age of Internet.

What is a Good Uploading Speed?

good upload speed

Downloading or uploading speed depends on the type of plan you choose.

See what the Internet provider has promised you while you buy a plan or make a contract.

Now, check your Internet provider on popular speed check websites like speedtest by Ookla or testmy. etc.

Quick Note 

“If you find it below 80% of your promised speed by company, your Internet needs improvement”.

For example, if the company promised you 100 Mbps upload rate, you should get minimum 80 Mbps as per our study.

If you uploading figure is below that level, your connection needs attention.

Good Upload Speed : 80-100% of Promised

Pre-Check For Any Errors & Speed

Before you start troubleshooting or came to any conclusion on the speed of upload, it is always better to check the speed.

You can use the following to check your “Upload Rate”

1. Check Other Website

First check the upload rate on another website. Sometimes it may happen that a particular website may be slow. So, better check from other websites.

2. Use Speed-test Tools

You can use any tool of your choice to find the uploading rate of your Internet. But we suggest you use the this tool to check your Internet.

3. Etheret Cable

It is better to perform a speed test when the device is connected to the Ethernet Cable.

4. Check from Neighbours

It is always a good option to check from your neighbour (using Xfinity) to check for their upload rate. This way you can be sure that the problem exists not only for you but in the whole area.

If the rate is constantly 80% below the promised figure of your subscription, this means that your Internet is constantly slow.

Why is Xfinity Upload Speed so Slow?

reasons for xfinity slow upload speed

A slow uploading speed is always painful. This can happen due to many reasons.

Let us discuss the main reasons for getting slow uploading rate.

xfinity upload fix

# Cap by Internet Provider 

Many a times the Internet provider places a data cap on the uploading as well as downloading. This data cap varies from plans to plans.

# Firewall

Using a third-party firewall system can also lead to uploading error. Use default firewall.

# Business Restrictions

If you are working on a Company, chances may be there that the Company may have put restrictions on uploading and downloading cap.

# Defective Modem or Router

Check the modem and router for any faults. This can also lead to Internet fluctuations.

How to Increase Xfinity Upload Speed 

increase xfinity upload speed

When your uploading rate is lagging too much or below your desired level, it can be quite disappointing. 

To increase, try these proven techniques:

Step 1. Use Ethernet Cable

Sometimes there may be problem with your router. If you have been using Wi-Fi, disable it and use Etheret cable to connect your PC to the modem.

Step 2.  Update your PC

Make sure you update your PC to the latest software, specially the network drivers.

Old and obsolete drive may create speed problems. Also, update the version of your computer’s operating system to the latest one.

Step 3. Scan your PC

Scan your PC for malwares or Adwares. Adwares has become famous in making your PC slow. To solve this problem, you can scan your PC with some good antimalware software like Malwarebytes, etc.

Step 4. Check your Package

It may happen that the plan or package that you subscribed may provide low upload rate. In that case, go for a good package with better upload rate.

Step 5. Check your Modem

Check your Modem for any loose cable or nuts. Also check for loose wirings. This also can lead to data loss. If your modem has errors, repair it or better replace it.

Step 6. Stop Sharing

If your Internet is shared by all your family members or your colleagues, surfing limits are bound to decrease. In that case stop all the sharing when you need to do uploading work.

Step 7. Use Antivirus

Use good antivirus and always update it. Antivirus can detect hidden  issues and show you error notifications.

Step 8. Clean your PC

Due to prolong use, PCs accumulate huge amount of temporary files. Remove all these files. To make things easier, you can use PC cleaner softwares.

Step 9. Stop Background Data Use

Make sure you check whether your system or any software is using data in background.

For example, Windows itself downloads data in background for system updates. Same is in the case with ‘Torrent’ or similar websites.

These websites downloads and uploads at the same time as they depend on peer to peer system of download. So, stop these processes.

Still Not Fixed?

If your speed is still not fixed, it’s time to let your service provider know. You can also contact Xfinity support by:

Chat with Xfinity 

Using this chat service, you can chat with any support staff. Just click on this link and sign on. Then you will be presented before a support agent.

Talk to Agent 

If you don’t want to do chat, you can talk directly to Xfinity and tell them your  problem.  

To start click on this link, fill basic details and get a call immediately from xfinity

But Remember

remember xfinity

Whatever method you choose, let them know your problem. To save time, inform the support staff that you did all the basic troubleshooting techniques.

Support staff will note your complaint and you will be given a confirmation. Note it down for further reference.

If after days, you do not hear from Xfinity, contact them again with the complaint affirmation number.

Chances are that you may not require to contact them twice. Xfinity is quick enough to help out and find a resolution for your problem.


In this age of Internet, what people want is “fast”. Nobody likes a slow-paced snail.

While Internet provider showcases only their download speed.

While Internet provider showcases only their download speed. Upload rate matters the same ways as downloading rate matters.

While Internet provider showcases only their download speed. Upload rate matters the same ways as downloading rate matters.

We hope you have got a clear idea behind Xfinity slow upload speed and also how you can fix it.

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