boost mobile data not working

Why is My Boost Mobile Data Not Working?

Boost mobile data is not working? Have you ever come across a situation? Are you one of those victims who did nothing different – it just happened that it suddenly stopped working?

Boost mobile data not working can be fixed by removing and reinserting the SIM card, power cycling the phone, toggling airplane mode ON and OFF, then updating your data profile.

This complete troubleshooting guide will give you full details on how you can do it on an iOS and an Android device.

How Do I Know if I Have Data Connectivity Problems?

why is my boost mobile data not working

Before we get into the solution, let us first discuss what the problem is.

If you’re concerned about not being able to get into your WiFi network, this is not the guide for you.

Data has something to do with how your mobile connects to your service provider’s network. Meaning, you wouldn’t be able to utilize functionalities, such as:

  • Mobile Data
  • Browse Websites Without WiFi
  • Send or Receive SMS or Multimedia Messages
  • Make Calls and Receive Incoming Calls

If you’re experiencing any or all of these, then you’re just on the right page!

We will help you get over this problem whether Boost’s mobile data is not working on your iPhone 6, on any other SIM-capable Apple product, or on an Android device.

NOTE: The procedure in solving this dilemma is different between Android phones and iPhones.

We will discuss both of the procedures in detail, so you don’t get confused about what to follow.

How to Fix Boost Mobile Data Not Working on Android?

boost mobile data not working iphone

Here’s a step-by-step guide on troubleshooting your device’s mobile data connectivity.

NOTE: Before you start, it’s worth noting to check if mobile data is enabled on your phone.

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, check if you have mobile data activated. You’ll see a 3G/4G/LTE at the top part of your phone if you have it activated.

Step 1: Check Boost Zone

The first step is to check Boost Zone. If you purchased your mobile phone from Boost Mobile, then you will have this app pre-installed on your device.

You can access it by clicking All Apps on your Android device and locate Boost Zone.

Once there, all you have to do is to swipe to the left and access Device Diagnostics. Try and look for the option that says Network and see if it’s Failed/Flagged or Passed.

If it’s passed, then you don’t have any problems; your phone is connected to the data network of Boost. If it says Failed/Flagged, you have to Update Your Data Profile.

Step 2: Turn Mobile Device Off

The next step would be to turn your phone off. We’re not talking about the simple restarting of your device – what we mean is the real powering off of your device.

Step 3: Remove and Reinsert SIM Card

After you turn it off, locate the SIM card tray and pull the SIM card out of it. You’re going to need a pin for this to take it out.

Try to look for anything that could block the receptors of the card to your mobile phone. Wipe it off with a clean fiber cloth and reinsert it to the tray.

Ensure that the dimensions are exact to avoid reading problems.

Step 4: Toggle Airplane Mode ON/OFF

When the SIM gets reinitiated, turn your phone on again.

Go to Settings > Connection > Airplane Mode and turn it on. Wait for about 15 seconds, then turn it back off again.

You can also toggle the airplane mode via the quick settings menu by swiping down from the top part of your screen.

Step 5: Update Data Profile

Lastly, you’d have to perform the update data profile on your Android device.

We’ll teach you two (2) ways on how you can update your data profile.

Via Boost Zone

In Boost Zone, swipe to the left and access Device Diagnostics.

From Device Diagnostics, hit on Network > Update Profile. Once done, just click on OK.

Via Manual Update

In order for the data update profile to work, you need to be at an area where there’s coverage for Boost Mobile.

Once you have that clear, access the Phone app on your Android device. It’s the same icon you tap whenever you want to make a call.

Then, dial-in ##72786#, and tap on Call or OK. Doing so will prompt your device to restart.

Upon opening back up again, you’ll notice that the Hands-Free Activation setting is beginning. You will just have to wait for it and you’d have to hit on OK.

After that, the PRL update will commence and when it finishes, you just have to tap on OK.

Your device will power off again, but don’t worry – it’s just restarting.

Lastly, your mobile will automatically update its firmware (if available). If it does, you just have to follow the prompt, if not you just have to hit on OK.

There you have it! If Boost mobile data is not working on your Android device – that’s all you have to do!

How to Fix Boost Mobile Data Not Working on iPhone?

boost mobile data not working iphone

Here’s a detailed guide in fixing the mobile data connectivity on an iPhone.

Step 1: Toggle Airplane Mode

For this procedure, what you have to do is to toggle airplane mode ON for about half a minute.

You can do this by going into Settings > Airplane Mode. Alternatively, you can access it via the Control Center.

Then, turn it back off – it just refreshed your data connectivity.

Step 2: Access Boost Mobile’s Boost Zone

Once you regain connection, the next step is to check Boost Zone and see if you’re connected to the Boost Mobile network.

You’ll find the Boost Zone app within the pre-installed apps if you purchased your mobile device from Boost Mobile.

Once you’re inside Boost Zone, you just have to navigate to Device Diagnostics > Network, and check if it’s Flagged/Failed or Passed.

Regardless of the result, continue on with the process.

Step 3: Restart Your iPhone

Close up Boost Zone and get onto the next step, which is to power cycle your iPhone.

To do this, simply turn your iPhone off for about 30 seconds to a minute. After so, turn it back on again.

Step 4: Update Your iPhone’s Data Profile

Akin to Android devices, you can update your data profile in two (2) different ways:

Via Boost Zone

Access Boost Zone and navigate to Device Diagnostics > Network > Update Data Profile.

After the updates take place, tap on OK or Complete.

That’s how easy it is to update it via Boost Zone. But, if you want a more solid and a more concrete way to do it, here’s how you can perform a manual update:

Via Manual Update

To do and perform the manual update, you just have to tap on Phone or the icon you click to make calls and dial-in ##873283#, then tap Call.

A prompt will appear asking you if you allow the service update to start – you just have to hit on OK.

Boost Mobile Data Still Not Working?

If you’ve followed these guidelines religiously and you’re still not able to access mobile data, the next best thing to do is to contact Boost Mobile’s technical support team.

But there it is for you! If ever you experience your Boost mobile data not working, you know what to do!

You don’t need to go to the nearest Boost kiosk or store outright – you’ll be able to perform the basic troubleshooting steps for it!

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