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What Is Illegal to Watch on The Internet UK [2020]

what is illegal to watch on the internet uk

With the release of the biggest blockbusters and TV shows, most of us would go through the internet searching for free streaming services. However, doing so actually puts you and your devices at risk.

Here, let us look at what is illegal to watch on the internet in the UK so that you can enjoy your favourite TV shows safely.

What Is Illegal To Search On The internet in UK

illegal to search on internet uk

If you are using the internet in the UK, you cannot access websites by default due to filters your ISP.

The most common illegal search topics are those that talk about violence, addiction, and pornography as they could encourage people to act upon these.

Below are some internet search terms that can land you in jail:

  • Alcohol and related search
  • Child pornography
  • Criminal skills or videos
  • Drugs Usage or Purchase
  • File sharing (Unauthorized)
  • Gambling Unless Authorized 
  • Hacking by any means
  • Nudity
  • Tobacco
  • Torrenting Copyright material
  • Violence
  • Web-blocking

All Internet user must know these rules otherwise may land in serious troubles. We recommend our users not to visit these sites.

What Is Illegal To Watch On The Internet

illegal to watch on internet uk

You may have come across streaming websites that allow you to view newly released and on-demand shows for free. But in reality, these sites are illegal and can put you in huge trouble.

Downloading and streaming of shows in the UK is legal if you get them from well-known sites like Now TV, Netflix, and Amazon Prime for a cost.

It only becomes illegal when you obtain, and watch pay-per-view shows on any free streaming service.

Unauthorized Media Content

unauthorized media content

One of the most significant problems that the government is currently on the lookout for are pirated films circulating in the country. Some examples of these content are unaired programmes and those usually accessed on TV subscription channels.

Aside from these pirated media, the government also blocks shows that contain explicit content. They are illegal because they may encourage people to act out these inhumane scenes.

Below are the following content types that are unauthorized in the UK:

  • Child pornography
  • Bestiality
  • Necrophilia
  • Abuse
  • Assault

Other shows that tackle sensitive topics may not be entirely banned. Although they may have certain restrictions.

These content types include:

  • Self-harm and eating disorders
  • Discriminatory language
  • Drug use

Is Watching Beastly Illegal In UK

The UK law prohibits films that contain offensive and violent content. Thus, for avid movie subscribers, you may be wondering is watching Beastly illegal in the UK.

Beastly is an edgy teen romance film that contains violent and discriminatory scenes.
However, there has been no news about the government banning it in the country. Instead, below are some of the films that you would not be able to view in the UK.
  • Hate Crime
  • The Bunny Game
  • The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence)
  • Lost in the Hood
  • The Texas Vibrator Massacre
  • Women in Cellblock 9

Illegal Ways Of Watching

There are various ways to access pirated films and TV shows without the copyright owner’s permission. Below are illegal ways of watching media content that you should avoid at any cost.


Unauthorized Websites

unauthorised websites

Various websites that offer free access to pay-per-view movies and TV shows have been circulating the internet. However, these sites are illegal and may put you at risk. 

Below are five popular yet unauthorized websites:

  • 123movies
  • Geektv
  • Gowatchseries
  • Series-cravings
  • Watchmovies

Pre-Loaded Set-Top Boxes

pre loaded boxes

Aside from accessing blocked websites, you may have unknowingly purchased “fully-loaded” streaming boxes.

Most TV service platforms like Sky and Virgin Media offer set-top boxes or sticks to browse through their subscription-based programmes. 

However, when you alter this streaming hardware with unauthorized add-ons, you may be accessing pirated content illegally.

One of the most talked-about illegal streaming hardware is the so-called “fully-loaded” Kodi box.

Most Brits may purchase this for as low as £100 to get instant access to their favourite entertainment shows.

But as tempting as it may sound, buying one could land you in a ten-year jail sentence or infect your devices. To avoid you can go for Freeview without aerial if you want to save on the TV subscriptions.


Card Sharing and Signal Theft

Fraudsters have found illegal ways to access subscription channels through card sharing and signal theft.

When you stream encrypted pay-per-view programmes through questionable cards, you may be doing what experts call “card sharing.” 

Meanwhile, illegally manipulating satellite signals to gain unauthorized access to TV broadcasts.

Risks Of Watching Unauthorized Shows

Watching media content from illegal places may put you and your devices at risk. For instance, accessing illegal websites ultimately leaves your devices open for hacking.

Hackers may get personal details, such as your address, medical background, photos, and banking information.

Visiting questionable websites can also infect your phones, tablets, and computers with malware. Parents would also have a harder time controlling explicit images in advertisement pop-ups.

Is Watching Movies Online For Free Legal?

watching online free movies legal

As we have said, most streaming services that allow you free access to paid-for movies are probably illegal. Nonetheless, there are some well-known sites where you can enjoy movies online both for free and legally.

You can stream full-length movies and TV series for free on YouTube or DailyMotion. But it is worth noting that doing so is still illegal in the eyes of the authorities. However, you have lesser chances of getting prosecuted for using them.

They are also much safer than other streaming sites as long as you do not visit questionable links on their comments section.

Instead, the most proper and safest way of watching shows is by having a legal TV license. You would need to pay a certain amount per month to enjoy a swath of TV channels, films, and sports shows.

You can download the BBC iPlayer on your phones, tablets, and computers to gain access to a wide variety of services, such as internet streaming and catchup television.

Freedom from Internet Censorship?

Do you any doubt, whether the content that you are watching is legal or not as per UK government rules?

Or do you want to access forbidden content?

Well, don’t worry! We have a bulletproof solution for You!

Your internet provider or Government department can snoop your Internet connection. Even your router can be hacked from outside also and access your Internet history and personal details.

vpn iphone

In this case, a VPN service can help you.  A VPN service is essential for your home. It secures your Internet and makes your connection anonymous.

A VPN stops ISP tracking and helps you get total privacy. It does this by routing your connection from a different country and hence neither Government nor your Internet provider can track you.

A VPN service gives you the following:

  • Safe and Anonymous browsing
  • No tracking
  • Access Forbidden Content
  • Unblocks websites

Thus, a VPN service can help you protect your privacy and lets you access content of your choice without any restriction.

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Access the World Of Entertainment Legally And Safely

Although it may be tempting to stream and download countless media content from the internet for free, you may be putting yourself and your devices at risk.

Illegally obtaining films and TV programmes also discredit the hard work that our actors and directors put into their shows.

Thus, we suggest you look out for the unauthorized ways you may be streaming your favourite programmes.


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