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Vodafone Content Control : Ultimate Guide

Vodafone Content Control is a content controlling feature that has go huge benefits. This feature can go a long way to control what you want to see or how you control your contents.

Necessary information and communication became more accessible and easier since technology dominated the world. We benefit from it; however, we cannot dismiss the fact that it also has its downsides.

Inappropriate contents that are not good for your kids are all over the web

These contents can be damaging; hence, parents should always monitor their children, especially those who are still minor.

If you don’t know how to manage the Vodafone Content settings, in this ultimate guide, you will learn how you can activate, remove/bypass and fix the system.

Do You Need to Activate Vodafone Content Control?

Surveillance is not an easy task since there are too many platforms and outlets in the digital world.

Moreover, many content-control filtering systems are easy to bypass. Children remain exposed to different risks without proper technological assistance.

So, it is good idea to active the content settings so that you can restrict children from viewing unwanted and risky contents. And if you are Vodafone customer, we recommend to definitely activate this service. 

A few minutes to setup the settings can give you peace of mind and you can be assure that your kids are viewing the right contents.

Vodafone Content Control Settings


The company ensures tight network security and this way you can combat these pitfalls or disadvantages of technology.

You can’t just bypass the system; the right procedures are employed. Users receive a splash screen when they try to access sites with matured content as long as the control is activated.

Here are the procedures you should follow to turn on this content controlling feature:


Step 1. Visit the site and register. You may proceed with registration using either your device number or order number. You can directly login if you have an existing account.

Step 2. Once you have logged in, click the account settings under the tab  My Vodafone tab.

Step 3. If you scroll down in the account settings, you will see a “content controlling” section.

Step 4. Click the change button on the right side of the section to turn on the restriction feature.

Vodafone Broadband Content Control Settings

vodafone broadband content control settings

Before learning how to activate the settings for broadband, it is better to know the different levels of controlling options available.

Different levels of Control

While doing the settings, the choices are none, safe, super safe,custom and ultra-safe. You will need to select one while doing the setup.


None means there is unrestricted access to the Internet and no control on what you see.


The safe level is highly recommended. It blocks access to sites containing malware and websites known for phishing.

Super Safe

The super safe level blocks access to sites with contents that are not good for your children.

Ultra Safe

The ultra safe offers the same protection as the super safe level with the addition of blocked online games, social networks, and websites containing matured education.


As the name suggest, you can add your custom restrictions on the content to be watched.

Steps to Change the Vodafone Broadband Content Control Settings


1. You can set-up the Vodafone broadband through their UK website link.

2. First you must set a control level when you connect to the Company’s broadband. Use the slider to choose the level.

vodafone broadband content control settings3. Once you’ve decided what level to choose, just slide the pointer at it.

second step4. If you want to change the level you’ve set, just go to the online portal and click the My Vodafone tab and change it from there.

5. Some websites are blocked by default as per Company Safety guidelines. You can also add or remove any website of your choice.

third step6. Congrats! You have activated content settings for your broadband connection. Click “start using Vodafone Broadband” to get started.

cofirmation7. In case you are unable to get the settings done, you may contact support staff.

You can call them on 0808 003 4515 if you are a Vodafone Pay Mobile Monthly customer. Otherwise, call 0333 304 0191.

How to Bypass Vodafone Content Control?

bypass vodafone content control

So, now let us learn how to change Vodafone Content Control settings or bypass these settings, in case you want sometimes.

For this go to your profile and change it. You won’t be allowed to turn off Vodafone content control, if the addresses you provided don’t match.

You should check if your card billing address matches the address you registered on Vodafone before you proceed with the steps.

Once you’re done, follow these procedures to bypass the content settings in case you need to:

Step by Step Guide

1. Open your Vodafone account; click the Services and Extras and choose the device you want to manage using the dropdown button.

2. Scroll down and look for Bars and Data Alerts once you’re done choosing the device. You will see the age-restricted content bar under it.

3. You can choose to switch off the age-restricting feature and proceed to step 7 if you’ve already done identity verification before. Otherwise, click Verify Age.

4. You are required to enter your credit card details. Don’t fret! There will be no payment. The information is only needed to confirm your age and check if your billing address is the same as your registered address in the Company.

5. Click the Bars and Data Alerts link to see the age-restricted online content bar after your account is verified.

6. Switch off the age-restricted online content bar.

7. You should wait for 10 minutes; then, restart the device.

Things to Remember

Immediate access to matured content is given, but there can be rare cases where it may take up 24 hours to activate. You are required to enter your credit card details.

However, a copy of your photo ID, like a driving license or a passport will do if you do not have a credit card. You should be connected to Vodafone mobile network to ensure the effectiveness of age-restricted controlling.

Linking to other systems such as Wi-Fi cannot adequately filter the content categories. You may still see some matured content.

Vodafone Content Control Not Working?


There are times where the Vodafone control doesn’t work. You should know how to fix it. In such cases, here are the things you should do:

Be Patient

If you already removed the age-restricted online content bar but still can’t access the age-restricted content, wait for ten more minutes. Don’t switch on and off the age-restriction bar repeatedly.

Turn On & Off

If after 10 minutes, it still doesn’t work, then you should turn your device on and off. This way, the site will refresh.

Restart Periodically

The bar taking effect only 24 hours after can happen. It rarely does, but it’s still a possibility, so when it happens, try restarting your device periodically.


First deactivate the settings from your account login. Wait for few minutes and again reactivate the settings from scratch. 

Contact Support Staff

Contact Vodafone personnel already if you can’t still access some websites after waiting for 24 hours. You could call them at 191 for free if you availed Vodafone pay monthly mobile.

Otherwise, contact them on 03333 040 191 using any UK phone. There will be standard charges.

Another way to Monitor

You can download the Vodafone Guardian app in Google Play Store if your child has an Android smartphone. It will allow you to monitor the calls and texts he/she receives.

You can modify settings to protect the phone your child uses. The app allows you to set a password that would stop him/her from reversing the changes.


On a more commendable note, the company delivers quality services to ensure the welfare of its customers and, most especially, children’s safety.

It improves to accommodate the technological needs of different families. The partnership they have is also reassuring.

For reference, Vodafone works with Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) to help children understand more about Internet safety and security.

These settings from the Company are easy to follow if you do in the right way. It doesn’t require strong technical skills to make monitoring possible.

To know more about the process of activating settings and steps on how to remove Vodafone content control or how to take the settings off Vodafone, etc., visit Vodafone UK website.

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