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Why Is My Virgin Remote Not Working?

Is your Virgin remote not working too? A remote non-working issue can cause a serious issue when you decide to watch your favourite shows.

Most of the users that for the malfunction are from the user end while some of them are from the manufacturer’s faults.

So why is my Virgin remote not working? An unresponsive controller can mean different problems. That is why identifying the problem is the key to troubleshooting.

New users must first be able to learn how to use their devices to help them further understand the basics.

Here we will troubleshoot the most common problems as encountered by users of this UK company.

Virgin Remote Not Working

virgin media remote not working

Planning to watch your Netflix show or a live soccer match and suddenly the remote is not working?

Well, we know it is quite frustrating. If this happens you will not be able to operate your TV box with ease.

Thanks to the Virgin Media Community Help Forum, users can reach out to the assistance team to resolve their issues.

Fortunately, matters regarding the Virgin remote non working can be sorted out.

Before we go into the troubleshooting steps in details, lets us do quick basic troubleshooting to fix small issues.

Basic Troubleshooting

basic troubleshoot virgin

The basic troubleshooting method is simple and takes hardly a few minutes. This way you can fix most of the small issues.

The steps are as follows:

Check Batteries

First, check the batteries, and if discharged replace them. Also, check if they are inserted in the right direction.

Remove Batteries

Remove batteries for a few minutes and insert them again. Now check if its working or not.

Restart TV Box

Restart the TV box and try to use the remote. Restarting the box can fix normal issues.

Check for Pressed Keys

Next check for pressed keys. If you found any, release them one by one gently.

Remove Obstacles

If there are any obstacles in between your handheld device and TV box, remove them as they ack as obstacles to block signals.

Still not fixed? Ok then let us troubleshoot the most common issues, that users complain:

Virgin Remote Unresponsive

virgin remote unresponsiveness

Is your Virgin V6 remote not working with the Virgin TV Box? It might mean connectivity issues if the handheld device is unresponsive.

It is essential to check if your controller and TV Box are paired. 

To check whether it is already connected or not, try the following:

  1. On the front side of your Virgin TV Press & hold Channel Plus.
  2. A beeping sound from the remote will confirm if the connection is successful.
  3. If you have many streaming devices, repeat the process on other gadgets if your controller was previously paired to them.

Remote Volume Buttons Not Working

virgin remote buttons not working

So how do I get my TiVo remote to control the volume? Users may check the guide on using the Digital+ remote to control volume.

The manual is available on the Help & Support toolbar on the Virgin Media website.

To troubleshoot the issue, try the following methods:

  • Turn the TV off.
  • Wait for 30 seconds before turning it back on.
  • Test if the controller is working.
  • If your silver and black controller have stopped controlling the volume, check out the guide to using Digital+ remote to control volume.

Or you can restore the default settings for your controller:

  • Press the Clear & TV buttons together.
  • Hold both the buttons until the green light from the controller flashes twice.
  • Press Thumbs Down for three times.
  • Press OK.
  • Exit the programming mode when the green light flashes twice.

Virgin Remote Not Working When Clicked Once

If you have a controller that requires multiple clicks to function, it might indicate a battery problem.

If the batteries are not an issue, you may want to reset the controller back to its original settings with the following steps:


  • Press Clear & TV on the controller at the same time.
  • Hold the buttons down until the light from the controller flashes green two times.
  • Press ThumbsDown three times.
  • Press OK.
  • Exit the programming mode when the LED flashes green light twice.

Virgin TiVo Remote Not Working

virgin tivo remote not working

If your AV device cannot be controlled by your remote, the two might not yet be paired via the TiVo remote.

You can program your TiVo remote to work with any AV device by using a code search.

Thanks to the code search, may you never find another Virgin TiVo remote not working correctly.

To program your controller using the code search, you may want to follow the following steps:


  • Switch the AV device and the TiVo Box on.
  • Press Clear and VolumeDown.
  • Hold until the green light flashes twice.
  • To access the AV device code database, enter the code 1999.
  • The LED will flash green twice if successful.
  • Point your controller to the AV device.
  • Press the ChannelUp continuously until a code mutes the device volume (the LED will flash green every time it sends a code).
  • Once the volume is off, press the Mute button to turn it back on.
  • Press the VolumeUp/Down and Mute button to check whether the controller works with your device.
  • Continue searching using the channel up until the volume turns off—repeat steps 8 and 9.
  • If the volume and mute buttons work, press OK to store the code.
  • The LED will flash green light twice if successful.

Virgin V6 Remote Volume Not Working

virgin v6 remote volume not working

Is your Virgin V6 remote volume not working?

Since your Virgin TV V6 is paired via Radio or Infrared, there are other devices in your household that might interfere with the connectivity. 

Such devices include other Bluetooth-enabled devices or wireless gadgets.

With this, try pairing your controller again through the following:


  • Go to Home the menu and access the Help & Settings option.
  • Select Settings then go to the Devices tab.
  • Afterward, click the Remote Control Pairing option.
  • Press the Info button for 7 seconds.
  • The green light from the controller will flash twice to confirm successful pairing.

Still, your Virgin V6 remote not working? 

If these steps did not help, you might request the latest model compatible with your TV by reaching out to the Virgin Media Community, or by contacting their hotline numbers.

How to Pair Virgin Remote to TV Box?

how to pair virgin remote to tv

Your controller might also be connected via Infrared and not Radio.

Infrared requires the remote control to be in the line of sight of Virgin TV V6 boxes. On the other hand, Radio does not need to do so.

To connect with Radio, get your Virgin TV box into pairing mode first:

  1. Press Channel minus button for at least 10 seconds.
  2. The Power light should switch on and off.
  3. When the Power light shows back, it will be ready to pair with the controller.
  4. The pairing mode will be active for 5 minutes.

After getting your Virgin TV into pairing mode, get your remote into pairing mode:


  1. Press Info for 7 seconds.
  2. When the light on top of your controller goes green, press any key.
  3. The green light will flash twice if the pairing is successful.
  4. Hold the channelplus button on your Virgin TV V6. A beeping sound will confirm if the pairing was successful.

Programming Guide

Hassle-Free Access to the World of Entertainment

By following the troubleshooting tips above, watching TV will be as enjoyable again, thanks to a now-functioning remote control.

If any of these troubleshooting tips do not work, you may access the Virgin Media Website to request a device upgrade or a technician.

You can also check out their community forum to see what other customers did to resolve their issues.

But if you do not see your problem there or in this article, you can contact their Customer Care team hotline at 0345 454 1111 on your mobile and select option 2, or simply dial 150 on your Virgin Media Phone.

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