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How to Set Up Virgin Mobile WiFi Calling in Easy Steps

Virgin Mobile WiFi calling is an excellent feature that you can use if you ever find yourself in an area without any signal.

This function connects you to the essential people that you would need to reach in unexpected circumstances. But how can you activate this feature?

If you are confused about the setup or want to confirm how it works, this guide is for you.

Here you will learn how to activate this wireless calling feature on your Android or iPhone in easy steps.

So, let us dive in!

Requirements for Virgin WiFi Calling

requirements for virgin wifi callling

The unique thing about this feature is that it is automatic. You only need to activate the wireless calling once; then you can already enjoy this feature without having to reconnect again.

The requirements are not many, and they are as follows:

1. Wireless Broadband or Internet

The only requirement for you to access the WiFi calling option is the presence of secured wireless broadband in your area.

With this around, you can then text and call anyone without any hidden charges.

2. Valid Virgin Customer

However, it is worth knowing that you should first be a Virgin Media customer with a valid mobile plan and a supported device.

Hence, check if your device is on the list of supported devices or not.

Apart from these two, you also do not need to download any additional application to access this function.

With this, you can enjoy unlimited connectivity and super bright video sharing features. This evolution of Virgin Media makes communication effortless, undemanding, and efficient.

Although setting up your Virgin WiFi calling can be complicated to some at first, fret not because we will give you an easy guide on how you can activate it.

How To Turn on Virgin Media Wifi Calling

how to turn on virgin media wifi calling

Setting up your Virgin WiFi calling is doable even if you are not a techy person. One of the prerequisites needed is that your mobile phone should have the latest software update installed on it.

Although you are an iOS or Android user, you still need to have the most recent operating system version.

If your phone is not on its latest software update, you can go to the Support page of your iOS or Android for instructions.

Do not panic if your device is not supported yet, because there are a lot of upgrades done by the company.

If you want to know the step-by-step activation of your WiFi call feature on your mobile, continue reading the article.

Enable On iPhone

virgin wifi calling on iphone

Using your Apple device, you can easily set up your Virgin mobile WiFi calling.

Follow these steps, and you can already enjoy connecting with people without the need for a stable network signal.

Step #1. Software Update

  • Go to your iPhone’s home screen.
  • Select the Settings button.
  • Choose the General option.
  • Tap Software Update so that you can secure that your device has the latest iOS version.
  • Accept the latest update. Take note that you might need to connect to the internet for the installation to begin.

Step #2. Update Carrier Settings

After this process, there should be a message appearing on your screen that would request an update on your Carrier Settings. Tap Update if this pops up on your screen.

However, ff this message does not appear, follow these steps:

  • Select the Settings menu on your home screen.
  • Choose the General option.
  • Select the About tab.

Step #3. Switch on Wifi

After doing these steps, the pop-up should appear on your screen asking you to update your Carrier Setting. When this message shows up, tap the Update button.

To switch on the WiFi call feature on your iPhone, follow these next short steps.

enable wifi iphone 1

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select the Phone option.
  • Select the About tab.
  • Turn on your WiFi calling. Make sure that you click this option.

enable wifi iphone 2

For iPhone users, you should take note that Virgin Mobile does not support all phones. Only users with an iPhone 7 to iPhone 11 Pro Max can support Wireless call feature.

Enable On Android

virgin wifi calling on android

Using your Android device, you can also easily set up your Virgin mobile WiFi calling.

Follow these steps to enjoy connecting with people despite having an unstable network signal.

Step #1. Software Update

  • Swipe up or down from your home screen to access your apps.
  • Select the Settings menu.
  • Tap Software Update so that you can secure that your device has the latest software version installed.
  • Choose Download and Install.

Step #2. Switch on Wireless Call Feature

After you update your device, you can then proceed to switch on the WiFi calling on your Android device. To do so, follow these next short steps.

enable wifi android 1

  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Select the Connections option.
  • Choose WiFi calling.
  • Turn it on and make sure that you click this option.

enable wifi android 2

Note: For Samsung users, you should take note that Virgin Mobile does not support all phones. Only the following Samsung phones can support this function:

  • Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+
  • Galaxy S20 5G, Galaxy S20+ 5G, and Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G
  • Galaxy Note 10+

How To Check If Your Wireless Call Feature Is Set up?

check setup

In this section, let us look at how you can ensure that you have activated the WiFi calling feature on your device.

The first step in checking whether you can use this service is to ensure that your phone is connected to a stable WiFi network.

Quick Note 

Afterward, you should be able to see a WiFiCall displayed at the upper portion of your screen.

You will also get notified that your device has successfully activated the WiFi calling feature through a text message.

If you do not see the label WiFiCall on your device whenever you try using this feature, you can follow these short steps:

  1. Ensure that your device is compatible with Virgin Media WiFi Calling. You can do this by checking their website.
  1. If your phone supports this feature, make sure that your device has the latest software version installed.
  1. If these do not work, you can try switching the WifiCall on and off. You can also try restarting your whole device to reboot the system.

Virgin Wifi Calling Not Working

virgin media wifi calling not working

Although this is a great feature of this UK company. But it does not mean you can set it up flawlessly.

If this Virgin Call feature is not working on your device or you are getting errors, you can do the following:

1. Call Drops

If you are facing call drops check if you are in the range of your home Wifi or not. Do not move too far from your broadband range.

2. Poor Quality Call

This happens if you have slow internet. Hence, get a good speed plan or limit your Wifi users to a minimum.

3. WifICall Not Displayed on Phone

This may happen due to incorrect phone settings. We recommend you to go through the steps mentioned above once again and make the correct settings.

4. Not Responding or Connecting

If this happens, you can cross-check if the phone you are using is supported or not.

You can proceed to the manufacturer’s website and check if your device has got wifi call feature.

Connecting Without Borders

Virgin Media telecommunications continues to produce innovative technologies to serve their customers well.

 It is among the most trusted companies in terms of phone and internet providers.

The mobile calling feature using Internet is one of the most useful services that you can enjoy.

This service makes connectivity flawless and versatile as it gives you more options to connect with people.

With this, we hope that you can maximize the capabilities of your phone by activating the feature.

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