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Why is Virgin Media Upload Speed Slow

Virgin Media Upload speed slow and getting your mood off? Yes, it is frustrating when you do not get the required rate.

These days people are obsessed with only downloading speed. But ignore the slow uploading rate.

Slow uploading can give serious problems like errors in a video call, live streaming, gaming, and many more.

If you are not happy with the Company’s uploading rate, this guide is for you. We have done extensive research on the UK company and the results are frustrating.

At the end of the post, we will guide you will the best possible ways to boost your uploading rate.

Virgin Media Upload Speed 

virgin media upload speed

Being one of the best Internet service providers in the UK, Virgin takes pride in its reach and modern infrastructure.

But that does not warrant perfect speed for all of its users. Our independent research shows that still, many subscribers complain of slow rate.

However, there can be many reasons for this. Some reasons are from user end while others from the Company end.

Having said that, the company faces some issues which are way out of their control. For example, bad weather, cable break, etc.

How to Test?  

how to test

Well, this is easy. You just need to visit one of the speedtest websites available on the Internet. However, Virgin media recommends a speedtest by Ookla for comparison and testing purposes.

To know how much upload rate your connection gets, do the following:

  • Visit Speedtest by Ookla
  • When the page loads, Check if it’s showing “virgin media”
  • If not select the nearest Virgin server
  • Press “go” and check your results

To get an accurate result it is recommended to

  • Close other background programs before the test
  • Avoid testing during peak hours
  • Avoid testing from a mobile device
  • Testing from a wired connection is more accurate.

Virgin Media Upload Speed As Advertised

virgin upload speed advertised

As per the official website of the Company, the following speeds are advertised by the company to its users. Remember these are advertised rates shown by company.



M 50

5 Mbps

M 100

10 Mbps

M 200

20 Mbps

M 350

36 Mbps

M 500

36 Mbps

Fibre 52 Mbps

However, as per the terms and conditions of the Company, these are advertised rates only.

The actual rate is much below that and even the Company has mentioned in their terms that you can expect 50% of the promised speed.

In short, expect 50% of these mentioned speeds or a little above that. But do not compare them with the downloading rate.

How Much to Expect?

After the test is complete, note down the results. If required do a retest and check again. Now, check the uploading speed that you were promised during the contract.

A 2-3% fluctuations in the uploading rate is normal. But if it’s slower than 50% you need to contact the support staff for a solution.

This is because as mentioned above, you will get a minimum 50% promised speed be it downloading or uploading.

Reasons For Virgin Slow Upload Speed

reason for upload speed virgin

This article will be pointless if we do not discuss the reason or the culprits responsible for the slowness of your uploading rate.

The reason for the slowness of your uploading rate is many. Some reasons are from the service provider’s end while others from the user end.

Reason #1:  Service Provider End

service provider end

Some reasons that account for your issue are from none other than your Internet Service provider. Yes, you heard it right.

The main reasons are:

1. Bandwidth Throttling by Provider.

To allocate proper distribution of bandwidth, sometimes your Internet provider reduces the speed allocated to you. This is called “bandwidth throttling” is quite common these days.

2. Outdated Router or Modem.

An outdated modem or router can also account for your bad connection speed. You can refer to this guide to find when to replace your modem or router.

3. Faults in Service Provider’s end.

There can be many small to big faults in Virgin’s end which may lead to your issue. It includes a cable cut, cable wear out, maintenance, etc.

Reason #2:  User End

user end issue

These are the major reasons, that are responsible for your slow uploading rate in Virgin Media.

  • Security Firewall
  • Outdated System
  • Background Data Use
  • Too Many Wifi Users
  • Infected System

How to Increase Upload Speed of Virgin Media

virgin media upload speed increase

Before raising any complaint with Virgin, it is a good idea to first check issues yourself. Maybe the issue is at your end.

Now, let us learn how we can increase your uploading rate. Try these methods one by one and you can drastically improve your Virgin Media Upload speed.

Step 1. Change Security Firewall Settings

First, check your computer of mobile security firewall settings. Security software often controls the incoming and outgoing data and traffic.

So, check your antivirus if it is blocking any outgoing data and unblock it.

Step 2. Update YourOutdated System

outdated pc

Have you postponed the “system update” to a later date? If yes, download the latest updates immediately. Keeping the system software updated with the latest one gives your system more power.

Step 3. RemoveBackground Data Use

Now, find out which software or applications are using your background data. In your PC you can run the task manager to check the applications running in the background.

When you find any remove them immediately. For example, torrent downloading sites constantly upload some data to other users.

Step 4. Reduce Too Many Wifi Users

too many wifi users

This is quite a common issue these days. Everybody in your home is glued to the Wifi and hence low speed. But using the same Wifi by many users slows down the Internet speed.

This is because using Wifi distributes the bandwidth to all the connected devices in range. Hence, we recommend you grant Wifi access to those devices only which is more required. Or you can limit the users to some extent.

Step 5. Scan Your System with Antivirus

If your system or mobile is infected with malware you are bound to get slower speed.

This is because this malware and Adwares uses your connection and connects to their server. Also, they upload data to their server.

So, scan your system with any good antivirus and remove all the malware and Adwares from the system. You may not notice, but a thorough scan of your PC can surprise you.

Step 6. Use an Ethernet Cable

ethernet cable virgin

If your PC is reachable to your modem or router, it is always advisable to connect the PC with an Ethernet cable.

Using this cable, you can get a boost in your Internet speed and there is no signal interference in between.


Virgin Media upload speed is good in comparison to the rest provider in this field. 

We can understand that slow uploading rates can hamper your day to day activities.

However, we believe if you use the troubleshooting methods mentioned above you can fix this issue.

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