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TalkTalk Call Charges : Must Know Rates

TalkTalk Call Charges are often miscalculated by users which lead to sudden bill shocks and frustrations.

Have you ever thought about to connect a loved one or a friend who is far away from you at one point in your life? Well, that’s perfectly normal!

Contacting a loved one or a friend allows you to stay connected no matter how far the distance between the two of you is.

Telecommunication companies are responsible for connecting various mobile services, locally and worldwide. In the UK, there are multiple mobile providers to choose from.

But one of the most prominent providers here is TalkTalk. 

If you a user of this Company or a prospect customer, you should certainly know the various calling rates that the company charges and details on calling boosts available for users.

If you still do not know, then this article is for you!

TalkTalk Call Charges Factors 

factors affecting charges

Call charges in the UK depend significantly on the starting digits of the number you are trying to connect.

For instance, 01 and 02 indicate geographic numbers, while 03 indicates non-geographic numbers.

TalkTalk has expanded into various subsidiaries since it entered the market in the early 2000s.

Now, it is the largest unbundled provider that offers landline, broadband, TV, and mobile services to its 4.3 million users here in the UK.

Business lines or premium rate calls feature, on the other hand, use 08 and 09.

The charges to these numbers depend much on two things – your mobile network provider and whether you are connecting from a mobile or home phone.

Here, you will learn all about the important pricing so you can decide which plan is the right fit for your budget.

TalkTalk Call Charges 

Call charges incurred to you by the provider depends on whether you are using their landline or mobile. 

Meanwhile, international and roaming call pricing depend on the country you are in and the country of the person you are trying to connect. 

The calling rates fall into three different categories, as discussed below:

TalkTalk Landline Call Charges

talktalk landline call charges

TalkTalk landline charges depend on the broadband package you are currently subscribed to.

See the tables below for a breakdown of TalkTalk costs in pence for a landline.

a. 01/02/03 (including charges 0345)


Daytime(7 am to 7 pm)

Evening(7 am to 7 pm)


Essentials TV

11.5 p



Plus TV




Simple Broadband

11.5 p

11.5 p

11.5 p

Fast Broadband

11.5 p

11.5 p

11.5 p

Faster Fibre

11.5 p

11.5 p

11.5 p

If you signed up for the Essentials or Plus TV packages, then you would not need to worry about charged calls as they are inclusive in the bundle.

However, additional charges applied for every phonecall that you make if you are subscribed to their Fast or Simple Broadband packages.

b. 084/087/09/118 (including 0844, 0845 and 0870)

Access charge simply describes the total cost that this provider will charge you for making your call and is applied to numbers with 084, 087, 09, 118 as their starting digits.

Additionally, connection cost to 0800, 080, and 0500 numbers are free of charge, but you are only limited to a 60 minute call time.

c. Mobile Call Charges to Other Providers


Standard Daytime

Standard Evening

Saver Boost Daytime

Saver Boost Evening


11.50 p

11.50 p

5.75 p

5.75 p


15 p

15 p

15 p

15 p


11.50 p

11.50 p

5.75 p

5.75 p


11.50 p

11.5 p

5.75 p

5.75 p


15 p

15 p

15 p

15 p


11.50 p

11.50 p

5.75 p

5.75 p


11.50 p

11.50 p

5.75 p

5.75 p

The Company’s landline also incurs charges to call mobile services. The cost, however, varies and depends on the mobile provider of the person you are trying to connect.

Above are just some of the leading mobile services and their calling rates here.

TalkTalk Mobile Call Charges

talktalk mobile call charges



Non-Geographic orAccess Charge (084, 087, 09, 118)

25 p + Service Charge

Calls to 0300 & 0345

50 p outside the bundle

 UK fixed lines

50 p

UK Phones

50 p

Non-emergency Calling (101)

15 p

Video calls to UK Phones

60 p

Emergency services (999 & 112)


Freephone (0800, 0808 and 0500)


Customer Support


Calling charges to 084, 087, 09, and 118 are determined by adding up the access and the service pricing together.

The service charge is the amount incurred to you by the organization you are calling. Meanwhile, calls made to emergency and customer support are free, as well as to freephone numbers.

Talktalk International Call Rates

talktalk international call charges

Talk Talk International call charges depend on whether you are making your call in or outside the country.

See the tables below for a breakdown of these international calling pricing in pence.

a. In the Country

International Fixed Lines

Vary from country-to-country

High-Risk International Destinations (Afghanistan, Aruba, Ascension Island, Futuna Island, Gambia, Guyana, Inmarsat, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Kuwait, Nigeria, Sao Tome & Principe, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, St. Helena, Telespazio,Wallis, Zaire)

Dial string needed

If you are calling from your country, the charge incurred to you by this operator depends on the country where the person you are contacting is currently.

However, it does not allow direct calls to high-risk international destinations. In such circumstances, a dial string is needed.

b. Outside the Country

Roaming Charges(pence)

Making a Call(per minute)

Receiving a Call(per minute)


Out of UK bundle or 50 p


Asia Pacific

95 p

65 p

USA and Canada

120 p

5 p

Rest of the World

165 p

110 p

Meanwhile, if you are calling from outside the UK, the charge incurred to you by the provider depends on which country you are in and whether you are making or receiving the call.

To activate your roaming, call 2883 on your mobile or 0345 172 0088 on your home phone.

General Reminders 

TalkTalk call charges follow a set of guidelines imposed by the company. Some essential reminders include the following:

  • Varying Call duration
  • UK to Any UK Number – Minimum call duration of 60 seconds and charged for every 60-second increment
  • UK to International and Voice Roaming – Minimum call duration of 30 seconds and charged for every 1-second increment
  • Roaming services may be acquired upon request.
  • Call charge is inclusive of VAT and is billed to the nearest whole penny

Taking a New Connection?

If you are planning on getting a home-phone connection, then you can choose from its wide array of broadband subscriptions.

But if you want to avail of the provider’s mobile, then you may go with the provider without worrying much.

The provider is one of the most prominent telecommunication companies in the country.

It has also proven to be reliable to the millions of customers it is currently serving.

But before taking make sure you check the above calling rates. This will help you reach a decision in purchasing the home-phone and mobile.

TalkTalk Call Boost

talktalk call booster

If you want to have a longer conversation on your home-phone or mobile, it is better to go for calling boosts rather than normal pay as you go option. 

These calling boost add on works perfectly with your home phone, TV or mobile.

The best call boost available for selection are as follows:

Unlimited UK Call Boost

This add on is available at £12 per month. Using this add on you can connect unlimited numbers either  to any UK numbers including landline. 

However, the call duration for each connection is limited to 60 minutes only. After that, you need to again reconnect the call to enjoy talking.

International Max Call Boost

This add on package is available at £10. This add on will give you 1000 minutes of free calling to 55 predefined international destinations. 

The countries included are as follows:















Czech Republic









New Zealand




North Cyprus








South Africa




South Korea



Hong Kong













Voicemail Plus

The charges for voicemail are not included in any add on boost plans. So, you must buy the voicemail plus add on. 

The add on is priced at £1 per month.

Mobile Minutes Boost

The add is available only for Plus TV Customers at a rate £5 per month. The allowance available is 2000 minutes per month to all mobile and landline numbers.


Calling is such a powerful act because it can do so much for you. For instance, calling your loved ones or friends helps you stay at touch despite the distance and time difference between the two of you.

Calling both emergency and non-emergency hotlines also allows you to utilize the essential services that the UK offers wherever you are in the globe.

However, knowing the exact TalkTalk call charges will help you avoid sudden bills shocks also.

With TalkTalk, you wouldn’t have to worry about anything – may it be unreliable services or expensive and unjust additional calling charges.

But if you think that you were charged inappropriately specially for calls, then do not hesitate to contact the Support Team.

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