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Sky Talk Anytime Extra : The Complete Guide

Sky Talk Anytime Extra attached with the many great features, is what users receive with their plan. It is perfect for people who enjoy having long calls with their family and friends within and outside of the United Kingdom.

We have gathered all your possible questions to create this informative and comprehensive guide to answer all your concerns.

“If you are wondering how much the Sky Talk Anytime Extra cost is or how to cancel it, then you have come to the right place.

Here, we will discuss everything that you would need to know about this excellent home phone package.

What Is Sky Talk?

what is sky talk

Sky UK is one of the most popular TV and telecommunications companies here in the United Kingdom.

It is known as the UK’s leading TV subscription service provider and the second most respected broadband provider. However, non-Sky users may not be aware of its home phone packages.

Aside from their Sky TV and Mobile services, they also offer Sky-Talk to their 12.5 million customers all over the United Kingdom. Their home phone service gives you excellent and affordable deals on calls within and outside the country.

What Is Sky Talk Anytime Extra?

what is sky talk anytime extra

Sky Talk’s packages offer great flexibility because their customers can choose a plan that suits their habits and requirements. Regardless of the deal that you want, Sky Talk users can only pay through direct debit or credit card.

You would need to pay £18.99 per month for their landline rental with an 18-month Minimum Term.

“What makes Sky Talk an excellent choice is that you can pair any of their plans with their broadband, TV, and mobile services”.

But since all the deals offered by Sky Talk are inclusive of local and international calls, it may be quite challenging for you to choose your plan.

If you are interested in chatting with your loved ones in the United Kingdom a little more, then the “Talk Anytime Extra” package may be the most suitable deal for you.

You can check whether this plan is available in your area by contacting their Customer Service.

Sky Anytime Extra Cost

Users can have unlimited calls to UK mobile and landline numbers at any time of the day or night.

Sky Talk Anytime Extra cost as low as £10 per month on top of your monthly landline rent.

Aside from this great feature, they can also call 22 of the most popular international destinations for as low as 2p per minute. So users can get all these fantastic features at an affordable price.

What Does This Include

what does sky talk anytime extra include

Given by its name, the Talk Anytime Extra package provides its users unlimited calls to UK mobile and UK landline numbers at any time of the day or night. These calls are available from Mondays to Sundays and last up to an hour.

You can also hang up and redial as often as you want. Below is the standard charge rate for the following numbers:

Inclusive Numbers

Charge Rate

01, 02, 03, and Isle of Man

16 ppm at any time of the day

084, 087, 09, 118

15 ppm access charge + service charge

Meanwhile, calls made to 07 numbers have varying charge rates for a specific time of the day. Below is the charge rate for the following periods:


Charge Rate For 07 Numbers

Daytime Calls

 (Mond to Frid, 7 AM to 7 PM)

19.35 ppm

Evening Calls

 (Mon to Fri, 7 PM to 7 AM)

18 ppm

Weekend Calls

 (Saturdays to Sundays)

18 ppm

Sky Anytime Extra Countries

sky talk extra countries

You can also call up to 22 international destinations for as low as 2p per minute. You also do not need to pay additional charges when making these calls.

But you may have to pay a 25p connection fee for non-EU countries. Below is a list of these popular geographical destinations:

Landline Calls Only

Landline and Mobile Calls

Austria, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Irish Republic,

Italy, Norway, Poland,

Spain (including the Canary Islands), Sweden, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Netherlands,

New Zealand

Canada, USA

Compared to their other packages, the cost is around £10 per month on top of your monthly line rental. You also have access to the Company’s Customer Service 24/7 for free.

If you want to add more calling features to your plan, you may do so for an additional price.

Some of their popular features include the following:

  • Voicemail or Voicemail Plus
  • Call diverts
  • Call waiting
  • Three-way calling
  • Reminder call
  • Ringback
  • Anonymous callers reject
  • Last caller barring

Are 0345 Numbers Free?

In the United Kingdom, calls to 0345 numbers are not free. However, most call packages would allow you to call these numbers without paying additional charges.

Sky Talk offers several packages that include 0345 numbers in their plan. One of which is the “Talk Anytime Extra”. Thus, calls to 0345 on the Sky Talk Anytime Extra will cost you nothing.

How Do I Cancel Sky Talk Anytime Extra

how do i cancel sky talk anytime extra

Cancelling subscription packages with the Company is pretty hassle-free and quick. So you do not have to worry about a thing when you cancel your plan.

Quick Fact

The provider gives its users a cooling-off period of 31 days after the activation of their service.

Because of this, new subscribers have the right to cancel their subscription without giving Sky an explanation. However, you must provide the Company with at least 14 days’ notice after this period.

Below is a general flow of what happens when you cancel your subscription:

Contact Support Staff

Call their Customer Service hotline from Mondays to Sundays within 8:30 AM to 11:30 PM.

  • If you are a current Talk user, you can call them at 0333 7591 018 or 0330 041 2591 for free. 
  • If you are using any UK based mobile or landline, you can call them on 0800 151 2747 for free.

Pay Termination Fee if any

After receiving your inquiry, the Customer Service team will assess whether you have completed your 18-month Minimum Term.

As per company terms after the end of the Minimum Term you do not need to pay additional charge. While before the end of the Minimum Term you must pay an early termination charge


The Customer Service team will then proceed with your cancellation request. Once processed,

You will no longer have access to their services.Bills paid for the next full month after you cancel your service will be put back to your bank account after 45 days.

Final Thoughts

Sky Talk offers several excellent home phone packages to their customers around the United Kingdom. With so many deals to choose from, getting their “Talk Anytime Extra” package may be one of the best choices.

Also, cancelling this subscription package is also hassle-free and quick.

So if you want to stay in touch with your loved ones no matter how far they are, then this package may be the right one for you!

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