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How to Fix Sky Q Mini Box Not Working?

Sky Q Mini Box Not Working and worried? Are you a part of the demographic who keeps on asking why their Mini Box is not working? 

Have you tried looking into the different ways on how you can solve this issue?

To tell you, there are a lot of people experiencing the same dilemma as you; you’re not alone. And this is post is perfect for you!

Sky Q Mini Box is Not Working – Main Box Works

So, you recently purchased the smaller version of the Sky Box so that you can have it in other rooms of your house.

sky q mini 1

Unfortunately, it’s not working – how do you resolve it?

This is actually one of the more common issues Sky subscribers and users experience.

Oftentimes, a simple power cycle of the main Sky Q Box would do the trick. But, if you’ve tried that several times and you still find no luck, don’t lose hope.

Common Problems

sky mini common problems

One of the most common, and quite possible the only reason why it’s not working is due to the location.

The Mini device might be too far from the Main Sky Equipment, which prompts it not to connect or to display limited images or media to your Sky Q Box.

Or, there’s some obstruction blocking the relativity of your hardware to the dish that you use for your TV.

You can try a couple of the fixes that most people found effective. In fact, we’ve compiled some of the best and the most effective strategies.

Attempt these simple but effective steps to get your small Sky Equipment working again!

How to Fix

fix sky q mini box not working

1. Check the TV and the Box’s Connection

sky q mini connection

The first step is to make sure that you’ve properly set-up your Mini Equipment.


  1. Check the power cord and the HDMI that is connected from the back of the Mini Box
  2. Double check the input on your television and see if you’re connected to the right HDMI
  3. Ensure that it’s connected to the same Wi-Fi network where your Main Box is connected

2. Remove Obstructions That is Blocking Dish

sky q  mini obstructions

Is your dish positioned somewhere where it can be detected by the hardware within your property?

If you have any kind of obstruction that blocks your devices’ connectivity to your dish, it’s best to put it down.

This interrupts the signals that are sent and received to and from the dish.

sky dish

Not only would this interrupt your experience with your small equipment, but your Main Sky device as well.

It can deter the connection between your dish and your devices overall and it might be the reason why it’s not working.

3. Toggling the Settings of the Mini Box

sky q mini settings

After you’ve done that, the next thing you have to do is to check if the Mini is enabled to connect to the Main Equipment.

Yes, there are times when things like these happen and users tend to forget about it.

Follow these steps to effectively reactivate your secondary device’s connection:


  1. Go to the Settings part of your Mini.
  2. From there, you’ll see two (2) options: Connection to Sky Q & Network Connection. Click on the option that says Connection to Sky Q Box
  3. Hit on the option that says Reactivate
  4. While the hardware is doing its thing, go tot the Main Box’s Settings and hit on the Reactivate Watching via Mini
  5. Once that’s done, power cycle both the Main and the Mini Box at the mains
  6. Wait for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute and bring your Main device to power again
  7. When it powers back up, return to your Mini Box and power it on again

This should let you have your Box working.

sky mini 3

This method refreshes and reestablishes the connection between the secondary device to the primary device through the extension of its connectivity.

Alternative Solution to Fix Sky Q Mini Box Not Working

alternative method

Should this be not enough of a solution, the next best thing you need to do is to get a WiFi Booster or a Mesh WiFi System for your home.

The Booster can just be the solution you need to get your additional Sky box working.

You can do this easily by contacting their team and request for a Booster Box that can enhance the connection of the secondary devices to your primary device.

In case Sky won’t send someone to help you with its installation, you can install it easily.

Or else you can purchase compatible booster from market or online shopping sites.

Next, you just have to position it somewhere between the Mini Box and the Primary Box and plug it in.

Wait for a few minutes until the lights on the Booster activate.

So, how to get the booster? Read our exclusive guide on how to get a Sky WiFi Booster for more details.

Setting Up the Booster

Once it’s turned on, follow these steps for you to enable it completely:


  1. Go to your Main Box and press on the WPS Button which you can find on the front part of your hardware
  2. Hold it for at least 10 seconds or when the color of the light goes amber
  3. While this is happening, the Sky Q Mini Box would have its light flashing around too, which means that they are communicating and they’re trying to link with each other

Nine times out of ten, you would not need a booster to be able to get your Sky Q Mini Box working.

Doing so will allow you to resolve the issue of your Sky Q Mini Box not working.

As a matter of fact, you just need to religiously follow the initial and the manual steps.


You do not need to be an expert when it comes to connectivity to resolve this; neither do you have to be a tech-savvy person.

These simple steps can help you enjoy using the subscription-based program without experiencing any problems!

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