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O2 Phone Insurance Review: Is it Any Good?

O2 Phone Insurance is what confuses new buyers while making any O2 purchase.

As a new buyer, it is often confusing whether to go for it or not. Most people are concerned more about the coverage issues, claims, and replacements while purchasing any mobile insurance.

“A Mobile Device is an integral part of our life. Loss or damage can severely frustrate people. Mobile insurance can come handy in this situation”.

In this O2 Phone Insurance review, we will discuss the key aspects that you must know as a buyer. Is it any Good?

This review will include coverage, exclusions, claim process, and replacements information to help you make a correct decision!

So, let’s get started.

What is O2 Insure?

what is o2 secure

O2 Insure is an insurance plan from the reputed O2 Company of the United Kingdom.

This company is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to sell a mobile phones and connected device insurance.

O2 Insure is for the mobile users who want to protect their device from damage, loss, or theft.

Also, the service is extended to the whole world. Hence, you need to worry while traveling abroad.

In the event, your phone gets lost outside the country, the company will make arrangements to deliver you a new replacement phone.

The plans are extensive and vary from the types you want to choose. The company provides next day replacement/Exchange of devices.

Moreover, they also cover protection for accessories.

Types of Coverage 

o2 insurance coverage

The company has kept things simple and come up with two coverage types. One is Damage cover while the other being full coverage.

Damage Cover

As the name suggests, this plan covers any damage to your phone. This will include repair to your device that got accidentally damaged.

This plan includes the following protection:

damage cover
  • Full repair or replacement to your damage device
  • Plan applicable to the whole world
  • Repair or replacement of accessories up to £ 300.
  • Replacement of faulty equipment

Full Cover

The damage cover plan is limited to some extent. It does not cover loss or theft of your device.

Hence, if you want more extensive protection you can opt for the full coverage plan.

full cover

The benefits of this plan include the following:

  • Full repair or replacement of damaged devices
  • Replacement of device in case of loss or theft
  • Device Loss and theft protection anywhere in the world.
  • Recovery of loss or damaged accessory up to £ 300.
  • Replacement of faulty equipment

Hence, you need to decide which protection plan you need to purchase according to your requirements.

The full coverage plans seem to have more protection for users compared to the other plan.

What It Does Not Cover 

no coverage

We believe this part is what you should know more. All insurance companies tend to show what they cover and their plans.

But hardly you will find any information about non-coverage being shown other than in hidden terms and conditions page.

Hence, this review will be incomplete without knowing the non-coverage part.

As per the Company’s terms and conditions, the following damages or thefts are not insured:

Non Insured

  • Deliberately leaving the phone unattended
  • Defective phone design or its parts
  • Damage caused by downloading unauthorized software
  • A malfunction caused by giving the phone to others
  • A defect caused by apps
  • Thefts other than forced theft (need to prove)
  • Virus attack
  • Damaged caused by troubleshooting unless authorized.
  • Loss of data, personal information
  • Any apps, graphics, or downloaded items.

How Much is O2 Phone Insurance 

plan price

The price of insurance depends on the type of mobile you are purchasing. You need to choose the plan and inform the company.

If you are unsure you can take the help of an advisor also. Normally the monthly price of the plans are as follows:


Damage Cover Plan

Full Plan

Monthly Plan£3 – £9£6 – £15
Standard Excess £10 – £60£10 – £60
Next-day Exchange Excess£25 – £90£25 – £90

The final negotiated amount will reflect in your welcome letter. You need to pay this fee along with your monthly plan as per your agreement.

How to Raise O2 Phone Insurance Claim 

claim o2 insurance

The difficult part of any Insurance cover is the claim part. Remember in all cases you need to raise the claim within 14 days of the event.

Let us know how easy it is to raise a claim in both plans.

Claim for Damaged Device

To claim a damaged device, you need to do the following:

  1. For a damaged device, you need to obtain a crime reference number.
  2. Police should ascertain that the damage was not due to your fault
  3. Next contact their support staff on 202(toll-free) from your o2 mobile or call at 03448090202 (standard rate).
  4. Fill up a claim form if asked.

Claim for Faulty Device

This is quite simple and just needs to be sure that there is a fault in your device and that is not done by you.

The claim process is as follows:

  1. Inform the Fault to the company within 14 days.
  2. Unlock the device
  3. Next contact their support staff on 202(toll-free) from your o2 mobile or call at 03448090202 (standard rate).
  4. Fill up a claim form if asked.

Claim for Loss or Theft

For loss and theft you need to do one extra step is to raise a crime reference number with police.

The process of claiming is:

  1. Lodge crime reference of the loss or theft
  2. Contact their support staff on 202(toll-free) from your o2 mobile or call at 03448090202 (standard rate).
  3. Fill up a claim form if asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

faq o2 insurance

How to Cancel O2 Phone Insurance?

Their cancellation like other insurance providers is strict on what we observed during our research.

To cancel O2 Phone Insurance you must follow these pre-set rules by the company:

1. Cancellation Within 14 Days

If you are not happy with the product and want to cancel within the first few days, you can do it. 

You just need to contact their support staff within 14 days. You will full refund of the initial premium that you paid

2. Cancellation After 14 Days

If the period of 14 days has elapsed and still you want to cancel, you can do it.

Quick Fact

You just need to inform the company and give them a 30 days’ notice period. Any advance premium paid will be refunded.

How Long it Takes to Replace a Phone?

The delivery of your replacement phone will depend on the plan you have opted for. If you have taken the standard plan it will take 3 – 5 days to deliver a replacement phone.

For next day replacement or exchange, you need to contact the company before 7 pm on a weekday excluding Sundays and holidays.

When does the coverage start?

The coverage starts on the date as mentioned in your welcome letter. Also, you need to make the first premium to activate the claim and start your coverage.

Final Verdict – Is it Any Good

O2 Phone Insurance or O2 Phone Insure is an added advantage that subscribers can take to enjoy worry free time.

The claim process is a bit lengthy and you must keep the 14 days’ time period in mind.

Also, we observed that the next day replacement or exchange price does not seem genuine. It should have been included free for all users.

Overall, the Company and its claim process look great and we recommend it.

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