How to Fix NOW TV Remote Not Working Step by Step

now tv remote not working

NOW TV remote not working and frustrated? A faulty controller would deprive the audience of the luxury of television entertainment.

Thanks to their community forum’s troubleshooting techniques, such problems could be avoided as soon as possible.

Watching television is one of the best passive activities to keep you entertained in your own home’s comfort.

Nothing could be a better pastime than watching television shows.

Thanks to NOW TV, you get to access various channels suitable for your taste without the fuss of signing a contract.

For a minimum price, users get 12 live channels and up to 300 television series boxsets.

This entertainment platform will surely hook the entire family as a couch potato in no time with kids’ channels to sports channels.

That is why a faulty controller could mean disaster.

Worry not, different troubleshooting techniques for your NOW TV remote control are indicated below to help you.

NOW TV Remote Not Working

now tv remote and box
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Is your NOW TV remote not working?

It may indicate that your streaming player requires troubleshooting.

There are two types of available remote controls: Standard IR (Infra-Red) and Smart controller.

Standard IR uses Infra-Red light to communicate with the device.

One of the most common reasons why a standard IR remote is not working is an obstructed signal and batteries low on power. 

Troubleshooting methods for the standard IR are as follows:

Clear the View

view clear

Make sure you can see your NOW TV box from where you use your remote control.

Clear the obstructions between your streaming player and your controller because IR requires a straight communication line due to its Infra-red connectivity.

Such obstructions include thick walls and heavy furniture.

Try holding your remote control higher or adjusting it to point at your streaming player directly.

Replace the Batteries

replace the batteries

Try removing and re-inserting the batteries first before replacing them.

You may replace the batteries with new ones if the remote control still does not work after removing and re-inserting the batteries.

On the other hand, a smart controller can be paired with your streaming player using a wireless network. A Smart controller is known as the ‘point anywhere’ remote.

Thus, unlike the standard IR or Infra-red remote, users do not necessarily have to point to the set-top box to work directly.

You may check your remote control’s battery compartment for a ‘pairing‘ button to double-check whether you have a smart controller.

Here are the troubleshooting methods for a smart remote if your smart controller is not working:

1. Fix the Connection If the Signal Is Weak

connection fix
  • Make sure to keep the connection robust between your remote control and your NOW TV box.
  • Keep massive obstructions away from your streaming player, such as thick cement walls.
  • Try turning your router’s security off as this may sometimes affect the signal of your controller’s connection.

2. Unplug your NOW TV Device to Refresh

unplugging now tv
  • Unplug both your NOW TV box and wireless router.
  • Wait for around a minute or two before plugging your router back in.
  • Plug in your streaming player.
  • Go to the main menu and try the NOW TV app.

3. Re-pair your NOW TV Box with your Controller

repair now tv remote

If your controller did not automatically connect to your streaming player, you might want to move your remote closer to the device receiver to avoid any Wi-Fi interference. 

To do this follow the steps:

  • Hold the ‘pairing‘ button for a few seconds
  • Wait for the green light
  • Check the connection.

4. Update your Software for Updates

update software

Remember to check for software updates regularly as these would fix bugs and other updates.

Software updates might also resolve an unresponsive device.

Consider doing the following steps to check for software updates.

  • Go to your streaming player homepage.
  • Scroll down to the bottom until you see Settings.
  • Select Settings, then click System update.
  • Select Check now.
  • Your device will search for new updates and install them if needed.

5. Adjust Data Settings

update software

Next adjust the data settings manually to control the bitrate.

You may also want to change the number of bits or bitrate used in streaming using your NOW TV box, as this would improve your streaming quality.

You may do so by pressing these buttons on your controller:

  • Home x5
  • Rewind x3
  • Fast Forward x2
  • If you have successfully pressed these buttons in order, it will show you a screen with various bit or bitrate options.
  • Select Automatic.

NOW TV Remote Volume Not Working

now tv remote volume not working

Faulty volume buttons could be quite a frustration while watching TV.

If your streaming player is unresponsive with controlling the volume using your controller, a low battery power might be the cause.

Consider replacing the batteries first.

However, if that is not the case, you may want to try re-pairing the remote control to ensure a stable connection between your streaming player and your controller.

Consequently, you may try unplugging your device to refresh its settings.

The steps in re-pairing your controller with your TV box are as follows:

Step 1. Remove the batteries from the battery compartment of your controller.

Step 2. Unplug the power cable of your streaming player carefully.

Step 3. Wait for at least five seconds before plugging it back in.

Step 4. Place the batteries back in the remote when you see the home screen on your TV.

Step 5. Look for the pairing button in the battery compartment.

Step 6. Press the pairing button down inside the battery compartment and hold for at least 3 seconds.

Step 7. A pairing light from the controller will begin to flash green if the re-pairing is successful.

Step 8. If there is no green light, you may consider replacing the batteries of your remote control.

Step 9. If there is a green pairing light, wait for at least 30 seconds to establish the connection between your NOW TV Box and your controller.

Unplugging your NOW TV device

ulnpug device
  • Unplug your wireless router, as well as your NOW TV box.
  • Wait for a few minutes.
  • Plug your router back in.
  • And finally, plug your streaming player back in.
  • Go to the main menu and try the NOW TV app.

NOW TV Power Button Not Working

now tv power button not working

The power button is one of the essential buttons of any remote control.

If your power button is faulty or it merely does not work, you may want to consider the following methods as stated before:

  1. Replace the batteries.
  2. Make sure to remove and re-insert the batteries first on your controller before replacing them.
  3. Unplug your NOW TV box.
  4. Re-pair your controller with your streaming player.

However, if it still does not work, you may want to perform a factory reset to restore your remote control’s factory settings and your streaming equipment.

How to Reset NOW TV Remote?

how to reset now tv remote

If there is still no luck in troubleshooting your NOW TV box or controller given the methods above, one of the things you may want to consider is resetting your streaming player.

With this, the device will return to its default factory settings.

Users should perform a factory reset for security reasons if they consider selling the device or just passing it on.

Remember, you would be required to set up your device after doing a factory reset.

You may do so by following the on-screen instructions while resetting.

When you see a code, you will be required to go to this address  and manually enter it.

You will then have to directly type the address shown into your browser, not on a search engine.

To reset using the Settings menu:

  1. Go to Settings > System > Advanced system settings > Factory reset
  2. Enter the code using the on-screen keypad.

To reset using the NOW TV box:

  1. Look for the RESET button on your device.
  2. Using a pin, or a small blunt object, press into the RESET hole.
  3. Hold the button down for 30 seconds.

Is Your NOW TV Remote Still Not Working?

If these methods still do not work, you may want to visit their Support page at

Then sign in for a Live Chat with their technical support representatives using the Get in Touch button.

You may also consider replacing your NOW TV box remote control through the Live Chat first.

If you need to discuss urgent matters, you may directly contact NOW’s help center hotline at 03303 323050.

Further if you need help with your NOW TV stick you can refer our guide on Why is NOWTV stick not working for more details.

With this entertainment platform, users have access to various channels to keep them entertained.

Being a couch potato will be as enjoyable again, thanks to its community forum’s troubleshooting tips for a now-functioning NOW TV remote control.

Now, users get to enjoy the luxury of watching television again.

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