now tv broadband review

NOW TV Broadband Review

NOW TV Broadband Review is our next topic of review. If you want to take a new broadband connection and you want to consider NOW, then this review is for you!

Every household needs to have a fast internet connection as it makes our lives easier.

This platform enables us to do many things without even leaving our home – from shopping, ordering food from restaurants, working, watching movies, and even consulting a doctor.

All you need is a gadget and a fast internet connection.

NOW TV is owned by Sky, a company which first made its name through selling TV passes and subscription-based television service.

Since 2016, the business has ventured into the broadband market. Sky is now one of the major players in the industry.

Before availing their services, here’s a article of NOW TV broadband review. Let’s take a quick look at what NOW TV can offer you.

What is NOW TV Broadband?

What is now tv broadband

NOW TV broadband was launched in the United Kingdom last June 29, 2016. The company has become more and more popular in the country because of their capacity to provide unlimited internet service.

This broadband review highlights the perks and benefits that you can experience once you avail their plans.

Reasons Why you should Consider Switching to NOW TV

Unlimited Broadband

The data they provide is not capped, so you will not incur additional costs. You can enjoy using the internet as much as you want!

You’ll definitely get the most out of your money.

No Contract

You are not bound to a contract, which means if you are not satisfied with their services, you can stop using it at any time. You don’t have to pay cancellation fees upon termination.

Easy Switching

If you are currently using BT, Talktalk, EE, or Plusnet and decide to change to NOW TV, you don’t have to worry about the arrangements involved.

NOW TV will be the one to deal with your current service provider.

This is something that appeals to customers as it allows them to have a smooth transition without any hassle.

For NOW TV, it is not much of a hassle since they are all under the same network provider – OpenReach.

Perfect Calls

Along with their broadband, they also offer “perfect-phone packages” which allow you to call both landline and mobile numbers any time.

Plans and Price

now tv broadband review plans

NOW TV offers three different plans with unique download speeds and prices. These plans are called: Brilliant Broadband, Fab Fibre, and Super Fibre.

For your convenience, you may refer to the table below for the summarized differences between the bundles offered by NOW TV broadband.

Broadband Type

Brilliant Broadband

Fab Fibre

Super Fibre

Average Download speed

11 Mbps

36 Mbps

63 Mbps

Average Upload speed

1 Mbps

10 Mbps

19 Mbps

Unlimited Download




Contract Span

12 Months

12 Months

12 Months

Price per month




Line rental




Activation fee




Delivery fee




All three plans have no data cap; however, the average upload and download speed increases along with its cost.

They also have a free activation fee, and a standard delivery fee no matter which plan you choose.

We also have a comparison of the prices from different providers to help you decide which plan is worth availing.

Comparison of Selected Providers’ Lowest-priced Plan


Rate (Lowest Plan)

NOW TV Brilliant Broadband


BT Superfast Fibre Essential


Plusnet Unlimited Fibre


Sky Essential


Talktalk fast broadband


Virgin Media M50


Talktalk’s fast broadband is cheaper than £1.00 compared with NOW TV’s Broadband.

However, you’ll spend less on your plan with NOW TV  than BT, Plusnet, Sky and Virgin Media.

Comparison of Selected Providers’ Highest-priced Plan


Rate (Highest Plan)

NOW TV Super Fibre


BT Superfast Fibre 2


Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra


Sky Essential


Talktalk fast fibre large


Virgin Media M350


Note that the basis for the cheapest price is just the monthly cost regardless of the speed.

Based on the prices listed above, the highest-priced plan of Talktalk’s is actually the cheapest compared to other service providers.

This is followed by Sky Essential and NOW TV.

However, this comparison is based on the monthly cost and does not take into consideration the speed and quality of the connection.

Speed and Data

now tv broadband speed

Average download speed of NOW TV broadband compared to its competitors


Speed (Avg)

NOW TV Brilliant Broadband

11 Mbps

BT Superfast Fibre Essential

36 Mbps

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre

36 Mbps

Sky Essential

11 Mbps

Talktalk fast broadband

11 Mbps

Virgin Media M50

54 Mbps

NOW TV brilliant broadband is the cheapest, however not the fastest one. NOW TV, BT, Plusnet, Sky, and Talktalk’s have the same network provider, OpenReach.

Therefore, your experience will basically be the same across all three brands.

This review of NOW TV also values speed as an important factor. For the average download speed, refer to the table above.

If you want to experience the fastest internet connection out there, then you should go with NOW broadband’s Super Fibre plan.

Service Quality 

Some customers can vouch for NOW TV’s quality service. So far, their market is satisfied with their services.

Some of them made their own review and said that they are pleased with the service. They also highly recommend NOW to other users.

More importantly, they stated in the NOW TV broadband review that they are very reliable and deliver real-time speed of their plans as mentioned in their advertisements.

Contracts, Equipment and Fees

now tv broadband fees

Their contract is very flexible, and you can cancel anytime without any corresponding fees.

This is highly ideal if you are still exploring which internet provider best works for you. You can cancel anytime if you are not satisfied with their services.

As for the equipment, their primary offer includes a Now Hub 2 Wifi router.

This equipment supports fast transfer speeds using its newest protocol and is regarded as a high-quality equipment due to its ability to support the connection of several devices.

It also comes with their phone packages that can support calls to landline and mobile numbers twenty-four hours a day.

Customer Service

now tv broadband customer support

They provide customer support through different channels. First, they have a knowledge base and community base support.

For easy access, their website features a list of common complaints and frequently asked questions.

You may visit their website and click on the “Get in touch” button so that a customer representative can accommodate your requests.

Pros & Cons – NOW TV Broadband Review

To wrap up this review of the broadband from NOW TV , here’s a summary of the pros and cons so you can easily make your decision.


  • Their cheapest plan is very competitive given that the price is lower than other networks. This plan also offers unlimited data which no one else provides.
  • They are very credible and truthful with their advertisements. The speed of their plans matches with what they promote.
  • They don’t use contracts so you will be able to cancel any time you want.
  • Affordable activation and delivery fee.


  • Other providers also use Openreach, so the speed of NOW TV’s cheapest plan is slower compared to BT and Plusnet.
  • There are times that their customer service support gives slow feedback.
  • For Now TV Cancellation, you need to follow up a bit.


Remember that an internet connection is an important tool that everyone should have whether it’s for your work, business or research.

In choosing the right internet provider, consider their cost aligns with their speed, look out for other fees that they might charge, and see if they have reliable customer support along with their pricing.

In this review, we found that it satisfies everything that we were looking for. NOW TV offers one of the cheapest broadband with a competitive speed and various channels for support.

Now that you have seen the perks of using their product through this NOW TV broadband review, we highly suggest that you should try it out!

Experience fast internet for your household with NOW TV.

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