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What Is John Lewis Return Policy & What it Covers?

John Lewis return policy is the answer to our impulsive purchases. Many of us may have had instances where we splurge on items we don’t need.

Online shopping and the emergence of exclusive deals have also influenced this. But on one end, others may have purchased faulty items from the store.

Whatever your reason is, you may have wondered how to return them. You may have also thought about whether you can get a full refund.

Don’t worry because we will cover all these and more today!

Here, we will look into the exchange policies of products you may find at John Lewis.

We will also go through the process of returning your purchases.

What is the John Lewis Return Policy?

John Lewis & Partners is known for its high-end products and world-class services.

It has become the go-to store of residents and tourists, looking for the best brands around. But with such exclusive deals, we get easily swayed to purchase unnecessary things.

Luckily, John Lewis has a comprehensive return policy. It allows you to return unused or unwanted items for up to 35 days.

Now, you can shop peacefully anytime!

What Items Can You Return?

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You can only exchange products if they are in their original condition with labels intact. Electronics must not be registered or have personal data.

On the other hand, you cannot exchange perishable or customized items and used software and vouchers.

Below, let us look at some of their return policies:

John Lewis Mattress Return Policy

Besides perishables and personalized products, you cannot return your mattress for hygiene purposes.

But if the supplier promotion allows it, then you can. Otherwise, you are eligible for their Guarantee services. With this, you can get your mattress repaired for breakages for up to 7 years.

John Lewis Laptop Return Policy

For electronics, John Lewis’ regulations may be a bit tricky! As per their rules, you can only return unused items.

Thus, you can only get a refund if your device does not contain personal files. It must also have its original stickers intact.

But since John Lewis has a pretty lenient staff, some consumers could get a refund even without the original stickers.

As long as your device is in a saleable condition, they will most probably accept it. Instead, you would need to pay a restocking fee.

John Lewis TV Return Policy

Similarly, you can get a refund if your television is in a saleable condition. Thus, your TV must not have physical and internal damages.

It must also have its original stickers. Moreover, you must not have tuned your TV set.

However, you will need to pay a restocking fee if you decide to replace it. But for faulty models, you no longer need to worry about this charge.

Instead, you can get it repaired or have your money back.

What to Do According to Return Policy John Lewis?

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Let us now look into how you can replace your items. At John Lewis, there are two quick and easy ways of returning them.

The first one is through their physical store, while the other is through a courier. Below is a more detailed guide for the two:

Returning Through the Physical Store

The first technique is returning your item through the John Lewis store in England, Scotland, or Wales. All you need to do is to visit the nearest shop in your area.

However, you can do this method if your item does not weigh over 15 kgs. Otherwise, you must return them through the Home Collection service.

But due to COVID-19, government restrictions have tightened. Because of this, some John Lewis stores may be temporarily closed.

You can check their website to know whether they are open. If not, don’t worry because the 35-day rule applies once they open.

Returning Through Courier

Alternatively, you can return your items through courier. However, some exceptions include jewellery and watches that cost £500.

For this method, you need to fill out your delivery note. Afterwards, place this and the product in a secure parcel.

Finally, drop it off through any of the following:

  • Waitrose & Partners stores
  • Co-op or Booths stores
  • Your nearest post office
  • myHermes shop
  • Collect+ booth
  • Your Waitrose delivery driver

Remember to remove the original address on your delivery note. We also suggest keeping a copy of your collection reference for your parcel’s tracking number.

Just wait for at least 14 days for your refund to reflect through your payment channel.

What Happens When I Return My Item?

The 35-day period for returning unused or unwanted products is an answered prayer for impulsive shoppers.

Whether you bought your item online or from their physical store, here is what you get in return:

1. Item Verification

The first thing that happens when returning your item is the verification process. For this step, the staff will ask you for your proof of purchase.

You could use your receipt if you bought the item physically. But if you purchased it online, you can show your delivery note.

Afterwards, their customer service will check whether the product passes its exchange policy. Here, the staff will examine if the labels are intact.

They will also look out for damages and personal data.

2. Decide What You Want

Once your item passes the verification step, you can choose between getting a refund or swapping it for something else.

If you choose the first option, you will get a gift card of the same value. Otherwise, you can exchange it for something new.

But if you have a faulty item, you can get them repaired for free. You can also ask for a full refund. Whatever your decision is, make sure to consider your needs and preferences.

What Happens If I Don’t Reach The 35-Day Period?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get your money back. You also won’t be able to swap your item with something new.

But to prevent this from happening, make sure to decide whether you are happy with your purchase. If you aren’t, have it returned immediately.

Wrapping Things Up!

In the UK, the John Lewis return policy has the most lenient yet impressive regulations.

For both online and in-store purchases, you have a 35-day period to replace your item. You can then swap it with something else or have a refund.

But they must not be perishable or personalized things.

There are also tons of ways to return your items to John Lewis. Besides visiting their physical shops, you can also drop your products off at their partner shops and couriers.

Just make sure to label and package them securely.

But if the product is faulty, you can have it repaired with their Guarantee rules. Mattresses have a 7-year guarantee, while laptops and TVs have a 2-year and 5-year warranty, respectively.

You can also get your money back as long as it is within 30 days.

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