how to unlock all channels on dish network

How to Unlock All Channels on DISH Network

Looking for guides on how to unlock all channels on DISH network online? A lot of people find it difficult and challenging to unlock channels on DISH network because they’re not aware of what the steps are!

Today, we’ll give you the best and the most detailed troubleshooting steps on how you can watch channels and programs that are locked and missing on the DISH network!

Unlocking all missing channels on the DISH network is easy. All you have to do is to check if the program guide is selected as “ALL.” Then, after doing so, you’d need to reset your receivers.

Different receivers have different methods, and don’t worry – we’ll be detailing everything!

Reasons for Missing Channels?

dish network missing channels

Missing channels can be because of many different things.

But, they’re usually caused by errors and problems with the receivers and the programming guides.

Programming Guides and Receiver Problems

In case you weren’t aware, electronic programming guides, more commonly referred to as EPG, are what allows us to scan the programs and stations available from a given network.

When the programming guide has an error, a few channels might be affected by it, too.

In addition to that, it could also be because of the satellite receiver errors. For a receiver to display a program, it needs two (2) things: signal and authorization.

If it lacks even one of these, it wouldn’t be able to display the image of the program or the channel.

Programming Disputes

Apart from programming guides and receiver problems, there’s also what we call programming disputes.

Disputes happen when agreements with channels and channel owners expire. Therefore, the services, which are the channels wouldn’t display.

While disputes might seem more common, several service providers have agreements with multiple channels to make sure that the services don’t get interrupted as often as how they are expected to.

Now that we know the primary causes of the locked or the missing channels, let’s get onto the guide.

How to Unlock All Channels on DISH Network on Joey Receiver

unlock channels joey receiver

So, this guide will detail and discuss all the receivers that the DISH network is offering. We’ll start from Joey to Hopper/Wally, then to the ViP Receivers that they have.

Step 1: Turn Your TV On

To be able to start troubleshooting, you would have to do it from within your television.

So, make sure that the TV is turned on.

Step 2: Check Out the Guide Preferences

Then, the next step will involve your remote control. Click on the [GUIDE] button on the remote control.

Pressing this will show you the programmed channels, along with the schedules.

Step 3: Make Sure It’s Set to “All Subscribed”

From the guide preferences, check the part that says Press Option Showing. Check if it says All Subscribed.

If it doesn’t show All Subscribed, press the [OPTIONS] button on your remote control. It’ll show you a list of options such as Favorites, Appearance, All Unsubscribed, etc., you’d have to select All Subscribed.

Step 4: Check Programming Packages

Next, you need to double-check the programming packages that your plan has.

For you to be able to download a programming guide, you can check it out by accessing the DISH website.

From there, select the package or the plan you are under and click on what plan you are in.

If you’re subscribed to America’s Top 120, click on that programming package. See if you’re accessing the channels included in the package.

Alternatively, you can view channels that have been customized in your MyDISH application.


You can use the app to perform changes in the programming, too! Take note, though, that changes might appear within 15 minutes.

Step 5: Check the Cables and Wirings

The next step you can do is to make sure that the wires from the receiver are connected properly.

Furthermore, check the coaxial cable too (the one connected from the back of the receiver to the wall).

You can detach and reattach the wires to see if they really are connected.

Step 6: Reset Hopper (if you have) and the Joey Receiver

To reset it, all you have to do is to press and hold the reset button for about five (5) seconds. You’ll know that it reset when the lights go off for a quick second before returning to its original state.


Once you do all of these steps, wait up until five (5) minutes for the receiver to reinitialize. Don’t rush it – just wait and it’ll give you a prompt that the system is functioning again already.

Unlock Channels on DISH Network on the Hopper or Wally Receiver

unlock channels dish network hopper or wally

If you have the regular Hopper, Hopper with Sling, Wally, Hopper 3, or Hopper Duo, this guide is what you have to follow to recover and unlock all the channels on the DISH network.

Step 1: Make Sure the TV’s Turned On

First things first, you have to make sure that the television is turned on. We wouldn’t be able to troubleshoot if it’s turned off.

Step 2: Insert and Reinsert the Cables on the Receiver

Once it’s turned on, the next thing you want to do is to check all the wires and the cables of the receiver.

Are they properly connected? Are there any damages and broken coatings of the wires?

Ask yourself these questions because that’s how you’ll be able to determine if they’re fixed or if they’re properly working.

Remove each cable and reinsert them to double-check if they’re connected properly.

Step 3: Check if the Programming Guide is at “All Subscribed”

On your remote, press the [GUIDE] button and see Press Option Showing if it says “All Subscribed.”

If it is, then leave it be. Otherwise, click on [OPTIONS] and choose All Subscribed.

Step 4: Check Programming Packages

Next, proceed to the programming guides channel at mydish website and locate your package.

Double-check if the package you have contains the channels you’re looking for.

Step 5: Reset the Receiver

Then, reset your receiver. Akin to how you reset Joey receivers, all you have to do is to press the reset button on the front panel of the Hopper or Wally for about five (5) seconds.

Wait for it to turn off – or if the lights go off and turn back on again and wait for about five (5) to ten (10) minutes for the receiver to reinitialize.

Unlock Missing Channels on DISH Network on ViP Receivers

unlock channels dish network vip receiver

So, you have the ViP receiver but you’re not sure why you have a couple of missing channels?

Don’t fret – you’re not alone! Many subscribers like you (those who have ViP receivers) are experiencing this, too!

To solve it, just follow these steps:

Step 1: Turn the TV On

Ensure that you have your television turned on for this procedure.

Double-check the batteries on the remote control – that might be another issue.

Step 2: Check the Program Guide

The next step is to check the [GUIDE] button that’s found on the remote control. From there, check on the Current List. If you don’t see My Channels, keep on pressing and clicking the [GUIDE] button until you reach My Channels.

Now, if you haven’t kept the paper that contained the list of all the channels included in your package. If you need assistance, you can go to the programming guides on Dish website and select the plan in question.

Step 3: Check on the Programming Packages

After you download it, look at the list of channels and programs and crosscheck it on the document of the programming packages.

Step 4: Double-Check the Wires

When you deem that the package is accurate, check the wires of the receiver if they’re still intact and they’re still in good condition.

Disconnect and reconnect the cables and wirings to be sure that they’re connected properly.

Step 5: Reset the Receiver

For the last step, remove your DISH receiver from the electrical outlet for about ten (10) seconds.

After that given period, plug it back in and wait for about five (5) minutes for it to reinitialize.

It Still Doesn’t Work

So, you’ve religiously followed every step in this guide, but it still doesn’t work – what should you do?

The next best thing to do is to contact DISH and tell them about the missing channels. If there are programming disputes, then that’s where the problem is.

Nevertheless, those are the steps on how to unlock all channels on the DISH network! With this guide, you’ll never be troubled with missing channels any longer!

Do You Need to be an Expert?

So, do you need to be knowledgeable in tech to solve it? As you may have noticed, you don’t need to be an expert to know how to unlock all channels on DISH network!

The steps are easy-to-understand, and are simple enough even for those who aren’t knowledgeable with troubleshooting!

The next time you encounter this type of problem, you’ll already know what to do!

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