how to reset virgin media router

How to Reset Virgin Media Router in Easy Steps?

How to reset Virgin Media router? We all know how frustrating it is to have an unstable and unreliable internet connection.

So, if you are one of the many people wondering the answer to the question, how can I reset my Virgin router, then this article is just for you!

Today, we will discuss the different types of resets, and when you should perform one.

We will also look into a detailed guide on the steps involved with it.

Types of Reset

virgin router reset types

If you have ever experienced issues with any of your devices, you may have stumbled upon articles and blog posts that recommend resetting your equipment.

But since there are two general types of this procedure, namely the soft and the hard reset, we must understand both of these terms.

Below, let us take a brief look into the difference between the two:

Soft Reset

soft reset

In the most basic terms, a soft reset involves power cycling your router to resolve several minor issues it might be experiencing.

This step should be your first course of action, especially if your problems are due to prolonged use.

Unlike other types of resets, this procedure does not manipulate your system.

Another essential thing to take note of is that performing this process will not erase any of your customized network settings and passwords.

Hard Reset

hard reset

Meanwhile, a hard reset goes a bit further than what the former can do. Compared to the previous type, this procedure deletes all your saved preferences and settings.

It removes preferences such as your usernames, passwords, and DNS servers, and brings your router back to its default factory state.

This procedure causes the most drastic changes to your equipment.

Hence you should only perform this procedure if and only if you are experiencing severe software issues or when you have forgotten your password.

How to Reset Virgin Media Router?

how to reset virgin media router

Although glitches and technical issues frequently occur on our internet service equipment, finding a solution to these problems is pretty straightforward and accessible.

Here are several possible ways to reset your Virgin Media router at home:

Method 1 – Toggling The A/C Switch

switch toggle

Before performing this procedure on your device, make sure that no one is using the internet.

If you are ready, then you can follow these steps to guide you throughout the process:

Step 1.     Locate the A/C switch at the back of your device. Afterward, toggle this black button to the off position.

Step 2.     Unplug the cables of your router that connect it to the modem and the power outlet.

Step 3.     Wait for at least 10 seconds before plugging the cables back into their respective ports. Make sure that these connections are firm and secure.

Step 4.     Turn the black A/C button back to the on position. Afterward, wait for another 5 to 10 minutes for the process to finish.

Step 5.     If the power light lights up, then you can reconnect your laptops or mobile phones to your home network.

Method 2 – Configuring Settings Through Web Interface

using web interface

The next technique you can try out is by configuring your settings using the web admin interface.

However, you can only perform this method if you know your router’s IP address.

Since this step is relatively complicated and less known, you can follow the guide below:

Step 1. Identify your router’s IP address by entering “ipconfig” on Command Prompt if you are a Windows user or navigating the TCP/IP option through your System Preferences if you are an Apple user.

Step 2. Once you have located this piece of information, type that in your browser’s search address. Enter all the necessary information when prompted on the screen.

Step 3. Visit the System Tools menu and click on the Factory Default option.

Step 4. Select Reset and press OK to confirm your selection.

Once your device has finished resetting, you would need to configure your network settings, password, and username again.

To do this procedure, all you need to do is to type in your IP address in your search bar again and log in using your default username and password located at the bottom or behind your router.

Once you have access to the web page, set up your network settings again.

Method 3 – Pressing the Reset Button

virgin media reset

Similar to the previous technique, you can bring your router back to its default factory state using this quick and easy method.

All you would need to do are the following:

Step 1.     Locate the physical Reset button on your router at the bottom or behind your device. Make sure that your equipment is on.

Step 2.     Press this button for a least 30 seconds. However, in some routers, you would need to use a paperclip or pin to do this step.

Step 3.     Afterward, release the button and wait for another 30 seconds before turning your router back on.

Alternatively, you can also try the 30-30-30 rule where you press the Reset button for at least 90 seconds.

Once the entire process has finished, you would then need to reconfigure your network settings, username, and password.

Here is how you can do this alternative method:

  1. Press the Reset button for 30 seconds with the router still turned on.
  2. Afterward, unplug the cables connected to its modem and power outlet. Make sure that you are still holding down this button.
  3. After 30 seconds, plug the cables back into their respective ports and turn on your router, while still pressing this button.
  4. Wait for another 30 seconds before releasing the button and reconfiguring your network settings.

The Significance of a Virgin Media Router Reset 

Contrary to traditional practices, performing a Virgin Media router reset may be beneficial to your equipment.

For instance, regularly resetting your router can enhance your internet connectivity and resolve your slow connection issues.

But aside from improving your home network in just a few quick and easy steps, you can also boost your security online and prevent hackers from compromising your firmware.

Hopefully, this article answers all your questions concerning how to reset Virgin Media router.

What’s Next?

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