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How to Reset Talktalk Router in Easy Steps

Want to Reset Talktalk router? There can be multitude of problems users experience when it comes to their internet connection.

In case you have been knackered and annoyed about how you can reset the router, you have come to the right page!

In this guide, we will be covering some of the most common Talktalk router problems.

Furthermore, we’ll also walk you through the guide on how to Reset Talktalk Router in a few, easy steps!

Common Talktalk Router Problems

talktalk router problems

Below are few of the most common hardware problems that Talktalk members are experiencing:

  • No Internet Connection
  • Red Light Indication
  • Dropping Internet Connectivity
  • Talktalk Broadband Not Displaying Web Pages

These aren’t all the problems you can experience with your modem. There are dozens more that several subscribers are experiencing.

The ones above are just the most common ones.

Out of over 4 million users and members of the company, about a quarter are experiencing any of these issues.

Akin to how other errors and problems come up, there’s a fix for any problems that you might be experiencing with your Talktalk modem.

So, without further ado – What is the general fix for these dilemmas?

Is there a centralized solution for these problems that you might have been experiencing?

Resetting the Modem

talktalk modem

Many technical experts suggest that the first thing you do in case you experience any network connectivity issue is to reset or refresh your network.

You will definitely be astonished when a simple refresh can help you do the fix.

The purpose of resetting your modem can mean many different things.

However, above all that, its main function is to free your network of any cached bandwidth that might be causing the problems you are experiencing.


Restarting is far different from resetting. Restarting would only mean that you’d turn the device off. 

The latter, on the other hand, means that you’d refresh it and that it’ll go back to its default settings.

How to Reset Talktalk Router

how to reset talktalk router 

How do we actually go about refreshing your hardware? What are the steps to free up the bandwidth that might have accumulated over time?

This will be a comprehensive guide, tackling everything from the activation of your router, down to its last step, which is the resetting.

Step 1. Locate and Activate Your Router

talktalk router activate

The first thing you have to know is that resetting your hardware can’t be done through a system; it needs to be toggled on the device itself.

That being said, you would need your router with you for this step.

If it’s turned off, turn it on and wait until the indicators settle.

Step 2. Look for the Pinhole Button

pinhole talktalk router

The next step is to find where the pinhole button is. Modems and routers designed this button to be buried to avoid accidental clicks.

Oftentimes, there is a label that says “Reset” to find where it is.

Depending on the version of your hardware, you can find it either on the side or at the back of the router.

Once it’s located, grab something that is thin that has a pointy end; it’s what you’ll be using to initiate and trigger the reset.

Step 3. Click on the “Reset” Button 

click reset button

If you think that it’s a hassle to click the deep button, think again! To perform it, follow these simple steps:


  1. Locate where the pinhole is and prepare your pin, paper clip, or your thin pointy object
  2. Find where the button is beneath the pinhole
  3. To know if you’ve reached the button, you will feel a “click
  4. Hold it for about 20 to 30 seconds

That’s how easy it is! No need for you to go into the software of the router!

You just need to find it, press & hold it, and you are good to go!

Light Indicators 

talktalk router lights

So, you have successfully clicked on the pinhole button – what do you do next?

You will know that it was able to reset when the indicators finally go off.

Yes, all of them would go off all at once and that’s the sign that you’ve successfully reset it.

You will know that you can reconnect all of your devices to the Wi-Fi again when it boots again – when it lights up again.

This guide on how to reset Talktalk router is the most effective guide to be free from that red-light indicator.

There’s Still a Red Light – What Should I Do?

talktalk redlight

After this entire process, and if your hardware’s still showing a red light – what should you do?

Is there a permanent problem with your connection?

To be frank, seeing a red or an amber light is not actually a problem because it’s a signal that it just turned on; it’s reconnection.

However, it’s considered a problem if the red or the amber light continues on for about 10 to 15 minutes at the max.

You would know that there is already a problem if it’s not changing to the green light that it should be in.

If your indicator is showing a RED color, or an AMBER color, then there is already a problem with the hardware.

What you can do is you can contact the company’s technical support team to assist you further.

Hardware Replacement

You might need to replace it, for you to be able to use it more conveniently.

When you contact them, though, tell them that you have already refreshed it. You have done it and it is still showing either the amber or the red color.

This will prompt them to visit you or to send you a new modem.


After this guide, you should now be aware on how you can reset Talktalk router in a few easy steps.

You don’t need the help of a hardware expert for it, neither do you need the support team to assist you.

What do you think of the process of refreshing your hardware? Is it that difficult to comprehend and understand?

We think not! You can do it all on your own without the help of anyone! You don’t have to be an IT expert to accomplish it either!

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