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How to Enable BT Mobile Wifi Calling

BT Mobile Wifi calling is the talk among all customers of BT, a leading telecommunication company of United Kingdom.

The BT provider now offers internet calling via phone to its clients as part of their new features.

It understands how frustrating for a phone user to experience poor signal reception, especially when there is an emergency.

This feature is the best solution as it is excellent for areas with little to no cellular access.

If you are confused how to setup or use this popular calling feature, we get you covered. Here you will learn how this feature works and how you can activate it for your use.

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How BT Wifi Calling Works?

how bt wifi calling works

The internet calls from this network offers a call and text access using public connection in the UK. This feature can solve the issues of having poor signal access.

Using this feature does not require any installed application like BT wifi disc setup and can activate using the standard settings of the phone.

It also guarantees not using the existing data allowance, either. Instead, it comes out from the monthly calls and text allowance.

The wifi call feature on bt mobile is available to SIM-only, Family SIM, or its mobile plan.

How to Set Up BT Wifi Calling – Steps

This section will tackle the steps in setting up the wifi calls using BT mobile in IOS and Android devices.

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Setting up on iPhone

bt mobile wifi calling on iphone

To setup this calling feature, do the following:

  • The phone must be iPhone 5s or another latest iPhone unit
  • You must be using a BT Mobile plan.
  • Ensure that the device’s software is updated, and iOS 11.3 or later.
  • Install the latest update, if needed.
  • Now Turn on your home wifi.
  • Click to Settings, then phone. Tap the Wifi calling and enable it.
  • The phone is now ready to access sending calls and texts using Wifi.
  • To use it, connect the phone to any network and start making a call or text.
  • A call icon can be seen on the left part of the phone.

Setting up on Android

bt mobile wifi calling on android

Android setup is not tough, and you can easily set it up for using this internet calling feature from BT.

  • The phone to use must be on the latest model.
  • Must be using a BT Mobile plan.
  • Check if the phone software is updated. If not update it.
  • Turn on your home wifi.
  • On the Android device click “Settings
  • Go to “Call settings”, this may vary from device to device.
  • Find the “wifi calling option” and “turn it on”.
  • Once finished, the cellular phone is now ready to use this calling option.
  • A calling icon can be seen on the topmost part of the screen.
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Quick Note 

The “wifi call feature” option is located either in SIM settings, Call Settings or Wifi Settings.

This is because of change of Android stock by phone manufacturers. Check one by one to find it on your device.

How to Manually Setup the BT Mobile Wifi Calling

bt wifi calling setup

There are instances when the device does not accept automatic settings. If it does, it must be manually set-up.

To start the set-up, four vital settings are needed for data:

  • For APN: Everywhere
  • For the authentication type: PAP
  • For the User name to use: eesecure
  • For the access password: ee

Here is how to do the manual set-up:

For Android

  • From the Menu button, go to Settings, then Mobile Networks.
  • Select the Access Point Names, Menu, and choose New APN.
  • Tap the Name field, enter the Internet, and choose OK.
  • Tap the APN field, enter Anywhere, and press OK.
  • Click the Username field, type eesecure, and choose OK.
  • Choose the Password field, type secure, then OK.
  • Click Save then the Menu button.
  • Press the button next to the New APN and set it as the active connection.

For IOS devices

For iPhone 4 or those with iOS 7 or earlier, the network provider will send a file that can guide users in updating the internet settings.

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Meanwhile, for those with iOS 8 and more, go to Settings, select General, then About.

The carrier should show BT with an 18.1 or higher version. If it’s not showing “BT 18.1”, go again to the Settings, choose General, Reset, and Reset Network Settings.

Does BT Charge in Internet Calling?

bt wifi calling rates

As mentioned, there are no additional charges in using internet calls using this network. It is because this is part of its standard plans.

So, the consumed calls and texts can be tracked from the monthly minutes and text allowance available.

If the device is compatible, the network will not charge anything extra in using this feature.

Another advantage is that it does not limit to call only. The user can make the most of the SMS features via internet as well.

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There are no applications or software to download or install to make the most out of it. With a stable connection, calls can be done anytime, anywhere.

BT Wifi Calling Not Working?

bt mobile wifi calling not working

Especially for first-time users, there are instances in which the BT mobile wifi call feature isn’t functioning for specific reasons. The following are some of them:

1. No Wifi Call Indicator on the Phone

It happens when the signal is inadequate that it cannot support a voice call. It occurs over busy connections. If this problem occurs at home, possible reasons can be an internet connection problem.

It must be checked and ensure a secure connection by checking it to other mobile devices.

Meanwhile, if this is the first time using this call feature, try to switch off the phone and turn it on to check if the Wifi indicator will show up.

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2. Getting Poor Quality Calls

Stable use of BT Wifi calling needs a connection speed of at least 1 Mbps.

If a user receives poor call quality, it can be the broadband is slow, or there is a bandwidth like doing streaming while taking calls.

For those using public internet or hot spots, the congestion can always affect the quality of calls.

The user must check if he is logged incorrectly to the hot spot because there are times that hot spots are hard to access.

If this problem still happens, it is better to turn off this option.

3. No Call Options while Making a Call

Are you getting no call options like – call forwarding, call diverting etc. while placing any call?

Unfortunately, these call options cannot be done while taking or calling via internet and if there is no phone signal.

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It is better to set up call options like call waiting, forwarding, and withholding beforehand to use it.


Almost every individual relies on their phones nowadays, most notably for communication purposes. Luckily, the BT mobile wifi calling is the best solution for the little to no signal some phone users are dealing with.

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