how to connect sky box to wifi without wps button

How to Connect Sky Box to WiFi Without WPS Button

To connect Sky box to WiFi without WPS button is among the most convenient functions this streaming device has.

Sky Box offers you a more enjoyable way of watching your TV.

With tons of Sky on demand series, shows, movies, and dramas that you can watch through the internet, there is no limit in your entertainment experience.

If this is your first time availing and navigating such services, but fret not because here is a simple guide on how you can connect Sky Box to WiFi without the WPS button.

How To Connect Sky Box To WiFi

how to connect sky box to wifi

How do you connect Sky Q to WiFi? Do not worry because it is straightforward.

All you would need is a network connection and a Sky Box to start. With that, there are three options you can do.


This method is useful if your Sky+ box and internet are in different rooms. It is possible by using the on-demand connector to link the two devices together.

To quickly activate this, you can press the WPS button on your router for two seconds. Then, press the WPS button on your on-demand connector.

The two devices will automatically connect after doing this. Afterwards, follow the on-screen instructions.

Built-in WiFi

If your Sky+ has a built-in WiFi, you would not need the connector.

However, since you do not have the WPS button, you can also go to settings and enter your password to navigate the device.


You can connect your router with the Sky+ box using an ethernet cable. You will see a catch-up TV section once the two devices are correctly linked.

Detailed Wired Connection Steps

wired connection

Using an ethernet cable to connect your internet to your streaming box offers you a more stable and reliable network connection.

To do this method, follow the following steps:

  • Look for the Ethernet port in your streaming device.
  • Find the yellow or black wire and connect it to the port.
  • Plug the other end of the ethernet to an available port in the router.

Detailed Wireless Connection Steps

detailed wireless

This option might produce some connection instability, but it is a more natural way since you would not need any wired materials.

If you want to try this out, you can do the following:


  • To start, press the WPS button on your router for 3 seconds.
  • If the device showed some flashes, then immediately press the WPS Button on your streaming device.
  • The light indicator on your box will flash amber, then once successfully activated; it will turn into dark amber.

Now to connect your streaming device to your WiFi password, you would need to do the following:

system details sky
  • You will see a Services button on your remote.
  • Select Settings.
  • Choose the option Network amongst the Software, Picture, Sound, Details, Signal.
  • Select Connect with Password.
  • Choose the WiFi network that you prefer. If you have not personalized your password yet, check the details at the back of your device, then use it to change your password.

Quick Note 

Remember, changing your password is vital to ensure the security of your streaming device. After this process, you can now connect Sky box to WiFi.

Activation of Channels

Once you open your TV, go to channel 106. It will show you a message saying ‘Your Sky viewing card needs to be paired to your Sky+HD.’

Press the Select button, and then it will automatically activate your subscription channels.

This whole process might take a few minutes because your device would have to scan all the available channels.

Fortunately, there is another alternative that you can do. If you are more of a computer person, you can do the activation online—just sign-up with your Sky ID.

How To Connect Sky Box To WiFi Without WPS Button

how to connect sky box to wifi without wps button

If you are using a wireless connection and your streaming box has a WPS button, but your router does not, here is how to connect Sky HD box to WiFi without WPS.

Check Software Version

  • Press the Services button on your remote.
  • Use the Navigation button and select the Settings menu.
  • Choose System Details among the options and check whether your software version** begins with ‘4E30’.

Search for Nearby Networks

  • Press the Services button on your remote again, and then click Settings.
  • Click on Network and then select Connect with Password. This process will trigger the device to search for any nearby networks.

Connect to WiFi

  • Connect with your WiFi by typing in your password.
  • Once connected, press the red button on your remote to access the On-Demand service then select Catch Up TV.
  • Lastly, choose a Sky channel, if there is a label ‘Available,’ that means you are successfully connected.


** Devices with this message are not compatible with On-Demand services.

So if you seem to have encountered this problem, you should contact their customer service team for a hardware upgrade.

If you have a WPS button on your router, but your  box does not, you can follow these steps


Step 1.  Press the Services button on your remote. Select Settings, then System Details.

Step 2. Check if your software version begins with ‘4E30’. If it does, contact their customer service for a hardware upgrade.

Step 3. Press the Sky button on your remote.

Step 4. Get the mini USB capable from the Sky Wireless connector MINI.

usb sky router

Step 5. Connect the more prominent USB port at the back of your box device. Connect the other end, which has the smaller USB to the Sky Wireless connector MINI.

Step 6. Press Select from your remote to restart the device. Wait for a few minutes, then press the Sky button. Make sure that the lights on the router are on.

sky wps button

Step 7. Click the WPS button on both your router and the Sky Wireless connector MINI.

Step 8.  Once you have done these steps, you can now further navigate your device.


Entertainment services have created streaming devices like the Sky box for their customers so that they can access on-demand shows, movies, and dramas.

They are user-friendly, but sometimes their instruction guide may intimidate you.

But once you get the hang of it, you would enjoy the perks of having a wide variety of programs to watch.

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