how to block nuisance calls on virgin landline

How to Block Nuisance Calls on Virgin Landline

How to block nuisance calls on Virgin landline is crucial because this provides better peace of mind.

Nothing is more frustrating than being disturbed by an annoying ring. These phone calls certainly gave you so much disturbance, stress, and fear for your security.

Have you experienced receiving these stressful rings?

The truth is that you are not alone. Fortunately, this article will give you guidance about these unwanted rings and how to get rid of them.

Types of Nuisance Calling on Landline

types of nuisance calls on landline

Whether you are a user of Virgin, Sky or BT you must be aware of this issue. Let us identify some of the spam calling we used to encounter.

Take a look at how it differs from one another and determine if you experience one of these annoying calls.

# Unsolicited Calling

Also called cold calls, unsolicited calling are unwanted phone calls we receive from companies offering or selling products.

These are not illegal, yet they are required to get your consent before marketing their services.

# Scam Rings

Scam calls are the most frequent type. This spam calling type involves a caller pretending someone they are not. The caller will present to us a problem and offer solutions to it.

However, they will ask either your money or access to personal details in exchange for these solutions.

# Malicious Phone

These annoying callers intend to upset or pressure us to get our data, which makes us very distressed. It usually contains obscene suggestions, personal threats, or worse, abusive statements.

The dialers from these mentioned calls often withdraw their details and contact information.

According to the Telecommunications Act of 1984 (Section 43), making malicious calling is considered a criminal offense.

How to Block Nuisance Calls on Landline

how to block nuisance calls on landline

These unwanted callings are so irritating and distracting it interrupts our daily lives. Worse, these can cause anxiety, stress, and depression for some vulnerable individuals.

Here are some ways on how to block nuisance calls on Virgin landline or any other landline like BT and Sky.

1. Report a Nuisance Call

report nuisance call

Fortunately, there are organizations you can complain to if you receive unwanted rings from an unknown number.

These organizations include your phone operator, TPS, Of-Com, and ICO. These complaints can be beneficial in fighting against the issues of nuisance calls.

2. Register with TPS

register with tps

The Telephone Provider Service (TPS) is the only registration service to help you do the call blocking for your landline including Virgin Media.

This service helps record your personal preference in not receiving unwanted calls. It may not penalize offending individuals, but it will take it to ICO for legal actions.

You can check their website or call their registration line 0345 070 0707, and this is free. It usually takes 28 days to take effect.

This service applies to your actual landline number and cannot be transferred if you have to change your landline details.

3. Manage Your Incoming Callings

incoming calls manage

Use the call blocking feature of your provider as much as you can. These call blockers help you avoid unwanted calling to a larger extent.

Whatever operator you are using, just make sure you implement these features in the Operator provided call blocker:

  • Enable Caller display- this helps you identify who is calling you, which makes you decide to Answer it or not.
  • Enable Anonymous Call Rejection (ACR)- ACR service reduces your incoming calls from withheld numbers.

4. Consider Upgrading to Landline Handsets

use handset landline

Some of the home phones have some features that will help you to block these unnecessary callings. Most providers including Virgin, BT, Sky, etc have these advanced handsets.

We have listed the best landline sets for your convenience.

The features of high-end landline handsets include:

Unspecified call blocking or silencing

Once the landline receives an anonymous call, it can either send back a busy tone to assume you are engaged. It can also bring the caller to the answering machine without any ring to avoid disturbance.


The landline gives you the freedom to add an unidentified number on the blacklist section. Calls from the blacklisted number will receive a busy tone or be sent to the answering machine without ringing.

Do not Disturb feature

You can set the phone not to ring for a specific time. When it does, the unwanted rings will become silent to the answering machine unless the caller is on the VIP list.

To enjoy the mentioned services on your landline, you must subscribe to the Caller Display first.

5.  Purchase A Call-Blocker Or Call-Blocker Phone

purchase call blocker

Besides getting the free call blockers, you can also buy devices that can be plugged into the landline.

These devices will intercept the call even before it rings and can block unwanted calls for you.

We have listed the best call blockers that you can purchase to remove this unwanted callings for ever.

How to Protect Yourself from Unwanted Ringing

protect from nuisance calls

If you want to get rid of these nuisance calls on Virgin, Sky, or BT you must be proactive also. Some preventive measures can help you reduce the number of spam calls.

The following are more precautions that you must do to give yourself additional protection against nuisance rings:

1. Be Careful in Who to Give Your Number

Sometimes, you have to give your number in availing products, but consider first if you can trust them.

For a company to contact you, you have to tell them beforehand. That is why you must carefully read every signing form.

Sometimes, these documents will ask you if they can use your details in marketing.

2. Always Ask the Caller’s Details

Most of us will shut the phone when receiving unwanted calls. But if you decide to talk to the caller, he can give you his information like his name and organization.

This action is not to entertain them, but to notify them you are not interested in their services.

If you are unsure whether to avail the products yet the caller pressures you, it is time to shut it down.

3. Never Give Your Details

Be careful in giving your details, especially in telephone conversations. Never answer the phone by stating your name and other information or put them in your voicemail.

landline calls

In phone conversations, let the caller state his name and details first. It will help you confirm if he is from a credible company.

However, be aware that there are callers who are not revealing their real identity.

Finally, if someone calls you asking for personal financial information, never mention it.

Be sure to check if the call is genuine. Wait for at least five minutes before making a call to ensure the line is cleared, and you are talking to a real staff.

4. If Something Happens, Make a Complaint

When you receive a nuisance call, note the essential details like the person’s name, contact details, date, and time. Then, make a formal complaint to the authorities or communication regulator.


With technological opportunities nowadays, unwanted calls are present to steal and even destroy a person’s peace and reputation.

If you are a victim of a nuisance call, companies like Virgin Media can assist in your complaints.

Fortunately, they can help us with these cases and how to block nuisance calls on virgin landline or any other landline.

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