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How Does BT TV Work – Facts You Must Know

How does BT TV work? If you are checking for an affordable yet excellent television service, then BT TV may be the answer. Binge-watchers and avid sports enthusiasts can surely maximize its features.

But what are some facts you should know before subscribing to this provider?

In this article, we will discuss what makes this television service stand out from its competitors.

We will also teach you how does BT TV work and whether you can make the most out of this service even without an aerial.

On top of that, we will answer the most frequently asked questions concerning this service.

How Does BT TV Work: The Must-Know Facts

BT TV is a popular internet-based television service (IPTV) in the UK. Since it is an IPTV, you can only maximize its features if you subscribe to their broadband services.

Otherwise, you won’t get its exclusive channel list on its own. So, is signing up for both BT’s internet and television services worth your money?

Features of BT TV

Unlike Sky, this television service uses a YouView set-top box to give you access to as many as 189 channels.

It utilizes existing Freeview programmes, providing you with essential shows like BBC and ITV. But it also allows you to add or remove exclusive programmes monthly.

Among its available add-ons include BT Sport and Kids, NOW TV passes, and AMC. You can also enjoy movies and series from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Thus, you can get all these and more when you sign up for their internet and television services.

How Do I Sign Up?

sign up bt tv

Signing up for this television service gives you flexibility when it comes to paying your bills. Besides its essential Freeview programmes, you can also customize your channel list based on the shows you frequently visit.

Not only will this give you the option to choose your channels, but it will also make things more affordable. If this sounds exciting enough, here is how you can sign up:

Step 1 – Choose A TV Package

When signing up for BT TV, the first step is to visit their website and choose your preferred channel package.

Currently, they offer five flexible Sports and Entertainment plans.

Picking which package to get is also straightforward because you can view their detailed information on their website.

You will see their monthly cost, contract term, and features. You can also swap your line-up of channels monthly to spice things up a notch.

Step 2 – Choose A Broadband Package

After choosing a channel package, press the Continue To Broadband button and enter your postcode. Wait for the site to finish loading, and then confirm your address.

By now, you should see a list of available internet services in your area.

Depending on your location, you may decide between their Super Fibre or Fibre plan. When choosing, make sure to consider your needs and budget.

You also get their landline to activate their broadband services.

Step 3 – Add Exclusive Channels

Once you have picked your broadband service, you can now customize your channel list.

You can add tons of new programmes like Netflix or NOW TV for an affordable monthly price. You can also upgrade to HD or add another set-top box to your order.

With these three easy steps, you can sign up for this television service in no time. But make sure you have a working television and aerial at home to maximize its features.

How To Set Up BT TV At Home?

set up bt tv

To use BT TV at home, you would need a rooftop aerial and a stable internet connection.

If you got these two things ready, follow the steps below:

  • Connect your aerial cable onto your set-top box.
  • Plug your set-top box into your television using an HDMI cable.
  • Afterwards, connect your set-top box to the internet. You can also use an Ethernet cable for a more stable connection.

Alternatively, you can hire a BT engineer to do the set-up for you. Their website also allows you to purchase a working rooftop aerial if you do not have one at home.

Answering Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need an Aerial for BT TV?

Although BT TV’s channel list is not as extensive as Sky, it still offers you essential programmes. It also allows you to customize your TV package with their monthly add-ons.

Thus, BT TV is undeniably an affordable alternative to premium television services like Sky.

But similar to other television services, several inquiries concerning BT TV have been bugging people’s minds. Let us Learn the frequently asked questions.

Does BT TV Work Without an Aerial?

Since BT TV uses the YouView platform, it can only receive Freeview channels using an aerial. Meanwhile, connecting it to the internet gives you access to some On-Demand content.

So, if you wondered whether you could watch programmes without an aerial, then here is your answer: Yes, you can!
Fortunately, you can still access BT TV without a Freeview aerial.

But you won’t be able to maximize your channels. You will lose access to tons of shows like BBC, Channel 4, and ITV. You can only view recordings and some On Demand content through the internet.

Can You Use an Indoor Aerial for BT TV?

Whether you use outside or indoor aerial, you will have access to Freeview channels and On-Demand shows. However, the reception of a rooftop aerial is far better and stable than the latter.

To get the most out of your indoor aerial, make sure to check the signal coverage in your vicinity. Visit Freeview’s website and enter the necessary information.

Once completed, you will see your signal reception, nearest transmitter, and the number of Freeview channels you may receive.

But beware because buildings, walls, and electrical posts may interfere with your coverage.

Can I Use Sky Dish for BT YouView?

If you have a spare Sky satellite dish at home, you may have thought about using it for BT TV. But since this television service uses the YouView Platform, you cannot access Freeview channels with this device.

Generally, a satellite dish receives Freesat programmes, while an aerial gets Freeview shows. This difference may be due to their different frequencies and reception source.

Satellite dishes receive signals from space, while Freeview only works with terrestrial transmitters.

Get the Most Out of This Television Services

BT allows its customers to have their broadband, landline, and TV services under one roof.

Besides its affordability, you also get access to tons of popular channels and shows. Navigating its services and features is also pretty easy and straightforward.

This IPTV uses the YouView platform and receives Freeview channels from an aerial. Although using a rooftop or an indoor aerial is ultimately your choice, getting the former will allow you to access more in-demand channels.

Unfortunately, a Sky satellite dish may not work with your set-top box. Due to its different frequency, it cannot receive Freeview channels.

Nonetheless, we hope that this guide answered all your questions concerning BT TV.

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