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Giffgaff Wifi Calling : Alternative Solutions

Giffgaff wifi calling has been one of the major limitations that users of UK experience when it comes to the Giffgaff sim.

Although Wifi Calling is not technically available yet, there are still different alternative solutions to fix this problem.

After all, there are many other positive things about the Company, which makes it still a reliable network provider for different users around the UK.

Definitely a good choice!

Let us learn the alternative ways to make Wifi Calling on your Giffgaff number.


Giffgaff, what exactly it is? It is one of the significant and well-known network providers in the UK, and it has been providing quality plans and services to its more or less, 2.5 million subscribers.

The Company started in 2009 in the United Kingdom. Since then, they have been one of the go-to sim card products to use due to its flexibility and user-centric natured hospitality to its users.

Pros in Choosing 

plus points

Giffgaff is a good option for regular citizens because it caters to those with a regular wage or even students who don’t need long-term plans or mobile combos.

Although Wifi Call feature isn’t set up yet, the Company offers the following features:

  • Cheap and budget-friendly 30-day plans
  • Some plans offer unlimited data usage
  • Considered a virtual network
  • Offers payback points where users can earn cash or credits for use
  • Does not require credit checks for SIM-only users
  • Runs on the network of O2, so you know it’s reliable.

With these number of pros and positive things you can get with this network provider, you will definitely be able to earn a lot and lessen your expenses, especially for people who operate their day to day lives on a tight budget.

Wifi Calling Possible on Giffgaff?

does giffgaff support wifi calling

Wifi calling on Giffgaff is not operational yet. Now, it does not yet support wifi call but not to worry because, in just a few months, it will be readily available for its subscribers.

For those who are not aware, wifi calling feature is a great feature for most users because it helps people who have wifi or internet access but are located in areas that have poor signal coverage in their home.

Company’s CTO said “Wi-Fi calling may start very soon

Steve McDonald

The internet calling feature could be a very effective mechanism for people around in the UK who don’t just have a low signal reach, but for those who can be on a budget as well.

Since potentially, this service would be reliant on a internet connection, this lessens the usage or SIM load that a user may be using if he or she would have to consume load.

Giffgaff Wifi Calling Alternative Ways 

Despite Giffgaff wifi calling not yet being supported, it is a work in progress at the moment as per CEO of the Company.

Sooner or later, users will be able to enjoy the already existing benefits of the Company’s sim provides, in addition to the internet calling option.

Nevertheless, there are still other ways to conduct internet calling without worrying too much, and we can teach you how.As mentioned, wifi call feature can be a beneficial feature for various sim cards that operate in the UK. However, not a lot of sim card providers have this available for their users.

Because of this, we want to teach you about alternative ways that can be helpful for people who need to use wifi calling but do not have the means yet to do so in 3 easy ways.

Top 3 Wifi Call Alternatives

1. Using Signal Boosters

signal booster for wifi calling

One of the first alternatives you have for internet calling would be purchasing signal boosters.

For areas with low signal coverage, a signal booster could be a reliable way for your sim and coverage area to adjust better to the location you are in.

With a signal booster, you can get to subscribe to plans which match the needs you prefer without having to change your sim card provider necessarily.

2. Investing On A Dual Sim Phone

dual sim for wifi calling

The second alternative you have if internet calling is not an option for you would be to invest more on phones, which can get you dual sim!

With a dual sim, you can keep your Giffgaff sim and, at the same time, have another sim, which can have a different effect on the signal area of your location.

Some sim cards have more reliable connections, while others don’t. If you are reluctant to let go of your original Giffgaff sim, or any other network provider at that, having a dual sim phone could be a possible solution to that.

In that way, you can also be able to text or call more people who have the same network provider as you.

Although it can be a bit more challenging to maintain, it can also come in handy in certain situations.

3. Using Apps

Lastly, if you need to do wifi calling but can’t on your Giffgaff sim, the third and most recommended option would be to download applications that can offer internet call for you!

A lot of applications actually support internet call feature, and you can download this even if you have Giffgaff as your sim provider.

With these applications, you can easily try wifi call without going through the hassle of changing your sim card and memorizing a new number.

Wifi Calling Apps That You Can Use

apps for wifi calling

Today, a lot of communication applications are inclined with wifi call feature. With these applications, you can simply do the following steps:

  • Download it through Apple Store or Playstore
  • Wait for it to download on your phone.
  • Enter the number it asks for using your Giffgaff sim number.
  • Verify & authorize it using a code that will be sent to your number.

Below is the list of applications which support internet calling for Giffgaff users. You can easily download these applications using your number, and follow the steps mentioned above.

In just a short while, you’ll be ready for wifi call as well:

  • Skype Messenger Call
  • WhatsApp Messenger
  • Viber Messenger

With these easy to use apps, you can experience internet calling even while using your sim.


Overall, there are many alternative solutions for Giffgaff wifi calling. If you are a subscriber of the Company you need not to worry much.

Despite wifi call feature not yet supported by the Company, there are many different solutions and applications to use so that it will be a problem no more.

For more information, you can check out the Official website or start a discussion in their community support groups.

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