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Giffgaff SIM Swap : 6 Easy Steps [Guide]

Giffgaff SIM swap is usually done when you want to replace your current SIM card with a new one. Users with missing/stolen phones, who have faulty cards, and who want to change network card sizes are eligible for a swapping.

The swapping process retains the current mobile number as well as the existing goodybags/gigabags, airtime credits, and account information. The process is relatively a breeze and is easy to perform.

what is giffgaff sim swap

What is Giffgaff SIM Swap?

Giffgaff SIM Swap is a process of replacing your present mobile network card with a new replacement one. You may need to use this service under the following conditions:

Your must have…..

  • Lost
  • Damaged
  • Doesn’t Fit

So, if you are facing any of any of these three problems, you need to consider swapping the network card as early as possible.

how to do giffgaff sim swap

Giffgaff SIM Swap Process

The giffgaff SIM swap is primarily done in your giffgaff account since it is just an repeat of the activation process. You will find that the website will walk you through the process with ease until activation is completed. To perform a giffgaff swap, follow the steps below:

Login to your Account

Once you have the new replacement card, log-in to your giffgaff account and proceed to the activation page.

Note. If you use another giffgaff account with different credentials then the SIM will only be registered to that account and no swap occurred.

Your old card is still functional. So make sure that you log-in the same account of the SIM card to be replaced.

Enter Code 

Enter the 6-digit activation code from the new received card and click “Activate your SIM”.

step a

Check SSN Code

This will redirect you to a Card Replacement page which will ask you to check if the new SSN codes match those written at the back of the new card. If you deem that the details are correct press “Yes, I want to replace my SIM.”.

step b


You will be asked to recheck before proceeding. To finish, press “Yes, I’m sure.”

step c


This will take you back to the giffgaff dashboard (see page below) and the activation process ends when your mobile number, goodybags and airtime credits are displayed.

step d

Insert SIM

Now, insert the SIM card into your device and reset the device every 30 minutes. The swap is complete as soon as you get a signal and the mobile network is up and running.


Important Reminders

Before doing the swapping process, we recommend you to read the undermentioned points for easy completion of the swapping process.

Understand the Process

Performing swaps is not like transferring your old number from a different network to giffgaff or changing your phone number. These transfers have separate processes that involve retrieval of PAC codes or registering new accounts.

Keep the SIM Ready

You will only need an unactivated giffgaff sim card that is not older than 6 months. If you do not currently own one, you may order a replacement online (which usually takes 1-2 business days to arrive) or you can purchase one from a nearby store.


Swapping cards are basically a replacement card activation process, but it can only be done from 4:30am to 9:30pm.


Usually it takes just about 30 minutes and may range up to a few hours. However, some cases may last as long as 24 hours before activation.


The process is non-reversible and will permanently deactivate the old SIM card. So, if possible, back up any saved data on your current card, such as contacts and important text messages as these are non-transferable through the swap.

Giffgaff SIM Swap not Working

giffgaff sim swap not working

Because the process follows a definite flow, there are rarely cases that the SIM swap fails due to errors in the system. The swap process usually takes no more than 30 minutes and the new number is functional after a few occasional rebooting of the device.

” Notwithstanding, users are advised to wait for 24 hours as some swaps take longer than others.

Some usual signs that the SIM is not working include having no signal or receiving full signal, but you are unable to make or receive calls and texts”.

Before deeming the swap process as failed, check if the activation of the new SIM has been fully completed by trying the steps below:

Check the Activation

Check if activation has set in by dialing *100# or calling . If it indicates “not active” then there might be a problem with the SIM card or the activation process was not completed.

Old Card Issue

If you still have the old card, you can try to check if the former chip is still working and if it is, the activation process was not completed since the old card is supposed to be rendered useless should the SIM swapping be successful.

Try Again

Try activating the SIM again by entering the 13-digit code at the back of the card. It will either show that the SIM is already active, or it takes you to the card replacement page again.

When this happens, repeat the swap process and wait until the activation ends. Restart the device at 30-minute intervals.

Getting Help from Support Agents

If all means to check the activation has been exhausted, and the mobile number is still not functional, then it is well-advised to seek help from the following support agents

Seek help from the giffgaff community

Luckily for giffgaff users, they have an online community that serves as a virtual platform for collaborative help and support.

And sometimes, the best at troubleshooting problems, especially for community-run networks like giffgaff, are other users since they draw from real-life experiences and might have encountered some of the swap issues themselves.

You’d be surprised how quick and helpful the responses of the community users have.

Swap Support Number

If the process has lapsed the 24-hour mark after activation and the SIM still isn’t working, there is a possibility that there may be issues with the card.

The last resort is usually to contact a giffgaff agent by calling 0330 041 4802. Note that the agent will respond and assist you, but it may take up to 24 hours before they reply.

Reporting lost SIM Cards to Giffgaff

There have been cases where lost SIM cards (including phones) have been reported to giffgaff in attempts to block the card.

However, this option will prompt giffgaff to issue to the user a replacement card with the same mobile number containing the goodybags and airtime credit contained therein.

It takes about 2-3 working days for the replacement card to arrive and until they activate the replacement SIM, no other card can be activated.

Therefore, it is important to know that by requesting for a replacement card, the chance to do a  swapping is forfeited in the meantime.


How Long does Giffgaff Swap SIM take?

The SIM swap process usually takes less than 30 minutes and the new number is functional after a few occasional rebooting of the device.

However, you may have to wait for 24 hours as some swaps take longer than others.

What to do if I am unable to complete the Swapping Process?

I hope after reading this guide, you will complete the swapping process. Still, if you need any help you can approach customer support to sort it out.

Do Swapping involves any cost?

When you have received the SIM card, you are ready to go. The swapping process is fully free of charge and you do not need to worry about any bill shock.


I hope after reading this article, you can now complete the Giffgaff SIM swap process without any fault. Our advice will be to fully backup your contacts before doing the swapping. Also, keep another number handy, in case the swapping takes more time than usual.

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