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How To Cancel Google Fiber

If you wish to cancel Google Fiber due to various reasons, then you are on the right page. Here you will learn the detailed instruction to return your Google product.

To cancel Google Fiber, the steps involved are:

  1. Log in to your Fiber Account.
  2. Access your Profile and locate Cancel Option.
  3. Click on ‘Cancel Service”
  4. Pay any outstanding bill, if any.
  5. Return the equipment.

Google Fiber service is offered in various regions of the United States that helps the customers to access high-speed data.

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It uses the same advanced technologies that big players like AT&T, Comcast uses. The super-fast internet connection is provided for the customers with speed ranging up to 1000 Mbps.

The best thing about this is internet access to different people and organization that helps in getting the best speed.

Why Cancel Google Fiber?

There are many benefits offered for the users of Google fiber that helps you to enjoy their service.

The services offered include internet-only or internet and television packages, or internet, television, and phone package, or internet and phone package.

  • Therefore, as a customer you can switch between these packages or close one to upgrade to the other.
  • However, there may be some reasons which may force you to cancel this service.  
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Let us discuss in brief the main reasons why users think of cancelling the service.

Top Reasons for Cancellation

There can be different reasons a consumer wishes to cancel their account. The main reasons for cancellation are as follows:

google fiber cancellation chart

1. High Price

The price of the service is high, which costs up to 70 USD per month. However, the amount has been now reduced to 50 USD. 

However, many consumers could not afford the costly plans or find other cheaper alternatives. But in general for many the high price is also not in their budget.

2. Inconsistent Service

Sometimes, the internet service can get down, and it irritates most of the customers.  The company faces downtime many a times and this creates a lot of frustration for users considering the price you pay.

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Therefore, many of the subscribers cancelled their services and switched to the fastest ones.

3. Shifting Regions

While shifting to new address it may happen that the Google service may not be available in the new address.

The services were offered to some areas of the United States, and therefore people moving to the different regions get cancelled of these services.

Consequently, one can need to close these services for the best results and take another internet service provider.

4. Other competitive services

Different competitors of this field are offering new customers to get cheaper services.

This way many are forced to change the company as everyone wants better service for the money.

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These are the main reasons that make people cancel their connection.

Contract Termination Fee

Based on the internet connection used for the telephone, internet connection, and television, Google offers different plans subscribers.

Therefore the users can choose the bundle of their choice depending on the requirements.

Many of the subscribers come with the question of whether there is a contract with the Company.

The contract of connection varies with the location the user is looking forward to getting their services. There is no termination fee.

Therefore there is no contract with Company except paying the certain installation charges once you wish to cancel.

However, there are two necessary charges which are required to pay if the users wish to close the subscription as follows.

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Fiber Cancellation Charges

The installation or construction fees have to be paid by the consumers if they wish to cancel their contract with Google connection.   Also, you should pay the replacement fee if you are keeping the equipment with you.

Do they charge an Early Termination Fee

No, there is no such thing as an early termination fee in this company. This is because when you request for cancellation, you will get the pending bill directly in their account. Once the service gets disconnected, the credit for the remaining bill portion applies towards the balance cycle.

How to Cancel Google Fiber Account

To terminate your account, you need to do the following simple steps for comfortable and better results.

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google fiber cancel steps

1. Log-in

First log-in to your account. Every user is provided with the individual separate Google ID that helps the customers to log-in and uses the service. 

The account can be accessed easily by providing the log-in details. However, you can find these details from the email sent to the registered email address of the subscriber. 

If you missed the credentials, you can call the customer service agent and get the details to resent to the email id after verification.

2. Access to your Profile

The next step is to access your profile. On your profile page of the account, you can access the cancel options.

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You can also find solutions to different queries and issues faced by the customer. If you can solve them with the solutions offered, then you can do the same.

Else, proceed with the steps provided below to close the subscription.

3. Find the Cancelling Option

Under your profile, you can find the “cancel fiber service link”. This is used to cancel the service. This option can be found easily in the page. 

Press the “Cancel”  button.

4. Close the Service

When you click the button, you will need to re-confirm again whether you wish to cancel google fiber service.

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Once you click the connection, you need to confirm. After that your connection will be cancelled in a few seconds. 

This is how you can easily Cancel Google Fiber service and you will free to choose another Internet provider of your choice.

5. Call Customer Service

However, chances are there that due to some technical issues, you cannot find the “cancellation” option or can’t cancel the service. 

In that case, you can call the customer service agent by accessing the help center. There, you can find multiple options to contact the customer service by live chat, email, phone, or other contact options.

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Contact support staff through any of the methods and ask them to cancel the connection for you.

6. Return Equipment

When your cancellation request has been processed by the company, it is your time to return the equipment. Make sure the equipment is packed well and is in good condition.

Shifting to New Address

If you are travelling to a different region you may need to shift all your items and belongings. Moreover, you may need to shift your Google Fiber as well.

In this scenario two situation may arise and they are:

1. Transfer your Connection

You can ask the company to transfer your connection. You can cancel the connection and get the new ones in your new place quickly. To do this contact their support number.

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2. Cancel Service

However, if the service is not available in your new address, you can ask for total cancellation of your Fiber account and choose another provider.

Support Number. If you are unable to close your Fiber connection online, you can contact their support number 

Quick Fact. Fiber Cancellation Support Number: 1-866-777-7550


To sum up, these are the simple steps on how to cancel google fiber. These steps are and takes less than a few minutes to cancel the account. 

We hope you have got the detailed idea and now won’t need any further research.

As described, you can quickly get rid of the account when you want and opt for new service provider. 

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The process for cancellation is not complicated like other providers and Google has set an example for others to follow.

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