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Can You get BT Sport on Sky TV? A Fool Proof Guide

Can you get BT Sport on Sky TV – is among the most searched questions on the web. BT Sport is a popular television service that holds exclusive rights to major leagues and competitive games.

Because of this, it has become attractive to various athletes and residents in the United Kingdom.

In this guide, we have collected all the essential information you would need to answer the question, “Can you get BT Sport on Sky TV?”

We are also going to talk about how you would be able to get this entertainment service on your television screen.

Can You Get BT Sport on Sky TV?

With its wide range of channels and shows, it has become a perfect entertainment platform for people who enjoy competitive games.

You can keep track of your favourite leagues and competitions at home. Because of this, current TV subscribers might be asking, 

“Can you get BT Sport on Sky TV?”

Fortunately, you can! You can have access to all their channels and shows on your television screen even if you have a subscription with Sky.

How To Get BT Sport On Sky Channel?

how to get bt sport on sky channel

You can enjoy this entertainment service through two highly-respected TV platforms in the United Kingdom. Below are the steps for a hassle-free subscription:

1. Through BT

using bt

You may order this package on their website or through their customer service hotline. Follow the guided steps below if you wish to order online:

  • Visit their website.
  • Once you have access to the page, choose between standard and high definition.
  1. You can get the HD pack for free for the first three months then an additional £6.50 per month after.
  2. If you are currently a broadband subscriber, you can get their channels for a lower price.
  • After deciding which package to get, follow the on-screen instruction to sign up. Make sure you have your viewing card number with you.

Quick Fact

After filling up all the necessary information, you only need to wait within 15 minutes to enjoy this entertainment service. However, in several instances, you may have to wait up to 4 hours.


You will then get access to their four available channels and Box Nation on your television screens. You can also download their mobile app for no additional charge so that you can watch your favourite shows on the go.

Their deals for this entertainment service is available for a Minimum Term of 1 month or 12 months on their website.

You would need to pay £35 upfront for the one-month rolling contract and £20 upfront for the 12-month rolling contract. However, both packages are only £29.99 a month.

If you find any of their packages attractive, then you may follow the steps above or contact their customer service hotline at 0800 876 6954.

2. Through Sky

using sky

If you are currently a subscriber of this TV platform, then we have great news for you! Signing up through this method is the cheapest way to get BT Sport on Sky TV.

Below are the steps for ordering online:

  • Access their website and sign in to your account.
  • Order any of their bundles to have access to this entertainment service.

You may also reach their customer service hotline at 0333 7591 018. You may have to wait within four hours after you activate your subscription.


You will then have access to all eight Sky Sports channels, as well as all four BT Sport channels in HD. 

You also do not need to stress about paying on different platforms because you can pay for both your subscriptions together in a single monthly bill.

Aside from this, you would only need to contact their customer service hotline for any concerns regarding your package.

If you subscribe to their Multiscreen offer, you can get this entertainment service on all your mini boxes and your main television screen. You can also access their channels on up to four devices inside and outside your house.

BT Sport Pack On Sky

bt sport pack on sky

The cost of BT Sport pack on Sky varies depending on your chosen deal. If you decide to get both Sky Sports and BT Sports in a single package, then you may need to pay £35 per month.

“You can also add Sky Entertainment for an additional £48 a month”.

If you do not want extra channels on your package, then the cost of BT Sport on Sky is just £25 a month.

Believe it or not, you can also get half price BT Sport on Sky through discount promos.

Almost every year, Wowcher releases deals to get this excellent entertainment platform on your television screen for just £14.99 a month with an upfront fee of £9 for a year.

How Do I Get BT Sport On Sky Q?

how do I get bt sport on sky q

Sky Q subscribers can have access to all their channels on their main TV box. 

However, to use this, you would need a registered viewing card to enjoy watching your favourite leagues and competitive games on multiple screens.

You can also get this entertainment platform on your mini box by adding a second box subscription.

Is BT Sport Ultimate On Sky?

bt sport ultimate on sky

On the 22nd of November 2019, BT Sport Ultimate became an add-on to current subscribers for an additional £5 a month.

However, you can only access HDR on your mobile phone and not through your TV box. Instead, you can also watch their channels in 4K UHD through the following devices:

  • Samsung smart TV
  • Xbox One games console
  • Chromecast Ultra streaming devices

It is also worth noting that BT Sport Ultimate on Sky is currently not available through Sky’s website. If you want to access this, then you may need to get your package through BT before upgrading to Ultimate.

Your Next Entertainment Platform

BT Sport is an excellent entertainment platform for competitive league fans in the United Kingdom.

With it, you can enjoy watching various premier leagues and shows on your television screens and devices.

If this sounds pleasing to you, then you can follow any of the methods we discussed to get access to this entertainment service in no time!

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