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BT Internet Email Settings Explained

Confused with BT internet email settings? Most people need help when it comes to BT Internet email setting.

Some technical terms can be annoying, and most of us only use email for business purposes or to catch up on the latest offers without being experts.

It can be a nightmare to figure out what POP and what SMTP is. If you’re already lost, don’t worry, you are not the only one.

So, when you encounter BT internet email problems, just read this guide which will explain how everything works.

BT Email Settings

Everyone already knows that their BT email is accessible online at any possible time they want, from absolutely anywhere in the world.

It is also accessible using email client which requires setting up, or simpler option using Webmail on BT webpage .

We will explain how to set up your E-mail client on various devices and also what to do when or if you encounter some BT internet email problems.

1. Using E-Mail Client

What it actually meant by email client? It is simply a program, an email program to be exact, as well as an application stored on your laptop or any other device such as Outlook, Windows Mail, or Apple Mail.

What does this email client do?

It is responsible for storing your emails that have been downloaded on any of your devices, which essentially means that you can go through them even without an Internet connection.


POP3 and IMAP are the ones that make the download possible.

They are simply internet protocols and you should use IMAP with the option to enable the SSL, so you can have duplicates of your email messages on the email server.


SMTP must be enabled by ticking the box “My server requires authentication”.

You will find this in your BT internet email settings. SMTP makes sending emails possible regardless of whether you are using IMAP or POP3.

enable authentication

If you don’t do this, you will receive an error message every time you try to send an email. It is now a little easier to understand BT internet email settings.

2. Accessing Through Webmail

This simply means accessing your email on a web page over the internet on any device.

You don’t have to set up anything, just go to the BT website and use your login credentials to log in. After that, simply send and receive email on the website in your browser.

bt mail sign in

How to Set up the Email Client?

In order to make this BT internet email settings on any device, you need to know the following:

  • Your email address (sometimes username)
  • The password for your BT account
  • Which device you are using (an iPhone, or an Android and a specific version, such as iPhone6)
  • The application you are using (Outlook or, it can be Apple Mail)
  • In addition, you will need the SMTP and IMAP/POP3 settings for your BT Email service

BT requires you to have SMTP authentication to protect their server from spammers.

BT Internet Email Settings for iPhone

bt internet email settings iphone

You can add BT email account to your Apple device without changing or messing up with your existing account. Follow these steps, but bear in mind that some devices have slightly different menus

The Steps are as follows:

  • First go to Settings > Mail, and choose Accounts.
  • Click on Add Account
  • In the Name field put any name you want people to see
  • In the address and password field enter your BT email and password
  • Click Next. If you see any error message, click OK
  • Select POP
  • Enter in the Incoming email server field
  • Put 995 in the port field
  • Enable SSL
  • Enter for the outgoing email server
  • Enter 587 in the port field
  • Enable SSL
  • Enter your password and email in the Outgoing mail authentication setup
  • Select Save

If for some reason BT email does not work on your iPhone, you can use a mail client like outlook.

BT Internet Email Settings Android

bt internet email settings android

Now let us learn how you can add a Google account or any other account to your Android. The steps for this are as follows:

  • Open your Settings and click on Accounts
  • Choose Add account
  • Choose Email. You will be prompt to enter your email and password
  • Choose Manual setup
  • Select POP3
manual settings

From now on the newer Android devices will fill in the rest of the fields automatically. If you have an older device, please follow these steps:

Incoming server

The picture underneath this text shows you where to enter inputs.

  • For the server put
  • Put 995 for port input
  • Put SSL for connection type
manual setup android

Outgoing Server

  • For server input-
  • Enter 587 for port
  • Put tls for connection type
  • Switch On for authentication
outgoing mail settings

Outlook Settings for Third Party Providers

Some email providers from third-parties, like Yahoo, Gmail, and iCloud, demands that you change certain settings on those websites, prior to adding these accounts to Outlook.

  • Open your Outlook
  • Select File
  • Click on Account settings
  • Select New under Email
  • Enable Server settings and click Next
  • Choose Internet email addresses
  • Click Next
  • Enter your name and BT email address
  • Select imap in Type account
  • Enter in the incoming e-mail field
  • Put 993 for port input
  • Enter for outgoing e-mail
  • Put 587 for port input
input values
  • Put your BT email and password
  • Tap on Test account settings
  • If everything is OK, click Finish

BT Internet Email Problems

bt internet email problems

The email clients that come with Windows 8 will not cooperate well with BT Email because it only works well with email addresses from Microsoft.

They usually end with:,,

What you will need to do is to download at least one of the previously mentioned email client applications.

1. Problems Receiving or Sending Emails

If you have problems sending or receiving emails on Webmail, you should simply log out and back in again, this simple step should solve your problem.

If you are using an email program and have problems, you should try to log in to a Webmail and send yourself a test mail. If that works, you should look at your program settings.

If the BT mail server not responding and it happens for no obvious reason the best thing to do is to do nothing at all.

  • Don’t try to change any passwords
  • Delete your account
  • Try to set it up again.

Most of the time the problem resolves itself in a few days.

Maybe you can double-check are you really using BT servers. While you are waiting for an issue to be resolved, you can access your email through Webmail.

2. Yahoo Email Customers

For customers who use Yahoo Email, BT is updating, and email service, and you may not be able to log in using Yahoo servers.

You can do these three things:

1. First you can change the outgoing server settings of BT as if you use a PC or Mobile to access your mail.

2. Next, uninstall the Yahoo Mail app from your phone. BT no longer supports this. You can download any other email app from the app store.

3. If you are facing issues accessing your mail from your PC, check if you have typed the correct address. For ease of access, you can bookmark in your web browser for future use.

3. Not Responding

If your mail client is not responding or not opening, you can troubleshoot it by following these steps:

  • Open Outlook client and go to settings
  • Go to your Account Info
  • Click the Reset account settings
  • Wait for the client to reset itself

However, still, if it doesn’t work for you, you need to reconfigure the email client again. Just delete the app or your account and try to add it again.

If you are using any other client other than outlook, you can reset the settings and setup again. This will solve the issue.


If you have read this guide carefully, most likely you have managed to solve your BT internet email problems and you are sending and receiving your emails without any problems.

However, if you still cannot adjust your BT internet email settings, you can contact the official support for help.

Next? You can get this guide to setup your WiFi Calling on your BT mobile.

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