best place to put router in 2 story house

The Best Place to Put Router in 2 Story House

Where is the best place to put router in 2 story house? – This question actually is one of the most popular questions about home WiFi and network. Not to burst your bubble, but there is no single answer to this question.

But is there a solution to this? There actually is! In fact, the best and the simplest solution is a strategy on where you should place your router.

In this guide, we will answer all your questions about strategically installing your router in your home.

We will bust the questions of whether the best location for a wireless router is upstairs or downstairs; of what the best height is for your WiFi router, and many more!

Moreover, we will also discuss how you can lengthen its range without using WiFi extenders!

Best Place to put Wifi Router in House

best place to put wifi router in house

Does router location matter? To give a short and straightforward answer, yes, the placement and the location of the router in an area matters.

All modems and routers are capable of sending signals in different directions.

However, these signals can only travel at a particular distance, depending on the standard and the protocols programmed to it.

That being said, where is the best place to put your WiFi router in your house?

Since some homes are bungalows and only have one (1) floor, we’ll discuss both houses having a single floor and those that have two (2) floors.

Best Place to Put WiFi Router in House (1 Floor)

best place to put router in 1 story house

One of the most common tips on where to place your router is near your room, is that true? In a house with only one (1) floor, the best location is still at the center.

The best location is at the center of your home because WiFi modems transmit signal waves in all directions.

Therefore, wherever you are, you get equal parts of the signal that it gives.

Installing it in the corner can decrease a significant amount of effectiveness; it may even bring signals outside of your home.

We will expound on that later, for now, what are the most important things you need to consider?

Things to Consider for Router Placement

Say goodbye to sluggish internet and limited access due to connection!

Here are some of the few and the best tips in placing your router in your home!

1. Elevate Your Router

To elevate is to raise your router from the standard location of where it is.

The most common location for a router is to be at a side table near the computer, right? That’s not where you want it to be.

Because of gravity, sound waves travel downward; it’s spread. So, if you place it on table-level, you wouldn’t be able to get the best signal.

You can place it on a high shelf, mount it on the wall, and other locations where it’s higher.

Many people ask – what is the best height for WiFi routers? To answer this question simply, it’s between seven (7) to eight (8) feet high. At these heights, it will be ideal for both one-story and standard two-story houses to receive the signals. 

2. As Much as Possible, Avoid Other Metallic Objects

Most, if not all of us have a lot of electronics and other metallic objects at home.

We have computers, microwaves, refrigerators, etc. Placing your router in the kitchen is obviously not a good thing.

For placement, try choosing a location where it’s far from other electronic devices, especially microwaves.


Because microwaves emit signals that are in the same frequency as wireless routers.

3. Place it Near the Modem

router placement

Avoid placing your router across your house from the modem. While your router can reach far-off places, it might not be able to pick up the network from the modem, which is just as bad.

Try having your modem installed near the center of your home. That way, you can elevate and place your router at the upper-central part of your home.

4. Scatter the Antennas

Most routers wouldn’t have antennas any longer. However, some routers have two (2), even eight (8) antennas. If your router has antennas, the best thing to do is to point it in different directions to scatter the signals better and more evenly.

5. Avoid Walls, Bricks, and Concrete, and Other Types of Obstruction

Did you know that our walls also have the tendency to block off signal? Furthermore, did you know that literally all materials cast back a tiny bit of a portion of radiation, and some absorb it quicker and faster than others?

Concrete, bricks, stone, and materials of the like absorb it faster and stronger.

Therefore, placing your router where there are a lot of walls before it reaches you can be a cause of intermittent and slow internet connection, too.

6. Install it in a Centered Location

As you can remember, where it is can actually have an effect to the connection you’ll have.

In your home, the central location would be where every room has almost equal distances with one another. Avoid placing it in a corner of a room or an area.

It’s not literally the centerpiece of your home like the living room. It could be near the stairs, near the kitchen, the entryway to your living room, etc.

Remember, the best height for your WiFi router is between seven (7) to eight (8) feet for both upward and downward spaces, as well as for other objects.

This brings us to our next point, which is…

7. Make Space for Your Router

This is actually related to the placement of your router near electronics and other obstructions. Place your router where it’s going to have some space for itself.

NOTE: Avoid placing it in a place where an area is always occupied by people. Water is something that can interfere with the signal of your hardware; we, humans, are almost made up entirely of water.

These are just some of the best tips on the placement of your router – for a bungalow or a one-floor home.

Best Place to Put Router in 2 Story House

best place to put router in 2 story

How about placing a router in a house with two (2) floors? The physics and the rules in placing a router on a one-floor house and a house with two (2) floors don’t actually differ.

It follows the same rules, like avoiding metallic objects, walls, placing it near the modem, etc. You can actually refer to the guide on where to place it on a one-floor home. However, the question remains.

Best Location for Wireless Router Upstairs or Downstairs

Is the Best Location for Wireless Router Upstairs or Downstairs? Modems, unlike routers, have stronger strengths below them.

Most modems don’t have antennas anymore; their built-in antennas are placed at their lower parts. Routers, on the other hand, scatter and distribute signal waves in different locations.

If your house has two (2) floors, you can choose to put it on the first (1st) floor’s ceiling or on the ground of your second (2nd) floor.

However, you must not forget that you need to place it where it’s centered across the entire house.

Now, we previously learned that routers send signal waves downward. If it’s placed on the 1st floor’s ceiling or the 2nd floor’s floor, how would the 2nd floor receive signals?

It will receive signals, although, it might just not be as strong, especially if the person connecting is far from it.

These are the best tips on how you can place or position your router in your 2-story home.

By following these, you can expect better-performing and faster internet speeds wherever you are in your home!

I Tried All of These, But My Speeds Are Still Slow, What Should I Do?

After religiously following all of these tips and you still see no improvement on your WiFi, the next best thing is to check the status of your internet connection.

Check and See How Fast Your Internet is

You can perform a speed test to see what the real speed is of your connection. If it’s slow, you’d have to contact and reach out to your service provider for it.

You can ask them to upgrade and enhance the plan you have to give you faster speeds.

Is Your Router Still Efficient?

Another thing you can do is to assess your router. How many meters or yards can it accommodate? How old is the router you are using? How many devices can your router handle simultaneously?

Some routers have limited wireless network capacities and bandwidths.

For instance, your router might only be capable of catering 10 devices; you are a family of 7 and you have two (2) devices each.

Even if you place it on the most strategic location, it will still be slow because of the router’s capacities. If you have an older version of a router, chances are, you might need to replace it.

Try finding a router that will be able to accommodate more devices. In most cases, those routers also have longer distances.


Nevertheless, that’s how easy it is to figure where the best place is to put your router in a 2 story house!

You neither need to be an IT expert nor a network specialist to do it! In fact, you can do it right now!

Check where your router is placed and adjust it accordingly! Then, see what improvements can be made!

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