affordable mobiles review

Affordable Mobiles Review

Affordable Mobiles review hunting? When getting the latest phone model, it is also vital to find a reliable company to buy from. For buyers like you, there are a number of factors to consider before buying from a gadget dealer.

Does Affordable Mobile offer Quality devices? Do they include the Major Networks and the Latest Models in their deals?

The buying experience rate also includes shipping convenience and customer service quality.

If you are looking into buying from Affordable Mobiles, read this comprehensive Affordable Mobiles review to see if it is worth it.

What is Affordable Mobile?

affordable mobiles reviews

First, you have to know the background of the company. Affordable Mobile Phones is a smartphone reseller company founded in 2007.

Since then, they have been working together with some major phone manufacturers and networks, such as EE, O2, Three, and Vodafone. They specialize in contract mobile devices deals with top manufacturers.

Affordable Mobiles Review: Services

At Affordable Mobile Phones, you can order one of their gadget deals conveniently via their website.

Everything you need is on their website. Just select the device that you want and complete the process, and they will deliver your order to your home.

But before you proceed with ordering, make sure that you weigh on the pros and cons in this detailed Affordable Mobile Phone Reviews.


  • Wide range of deal coverage
  • Low-cost
  • Cashback


  • Frequently limited stock
  • Hassle order change/change

What We Like about Affordable Mobiles

You can find the best smartphone deals with the lowest price in this company. Their offers are comparatively cheaper compared to their opponents in the market. Moreover, you can find all the latest models available across all the top smartphone brands here.

1. Wide Range of Offers

pros 2

They provide a great range of smartphones (Android, iOS) from the most popular brand manufacturers.

If you prefer, they also have a range of available SIM Free options. Or, if you are satisfied with your current device, they also offer SIM-only deals.

Their Pay as You Go offers come with a handset and accessories. Most of their device offerings have 4G internet data. You can also buy 5G deals on EE, O2, or Vodafone for faster data speeds and connection in selected locations.

2. Refurbished

pros 1

If you are on a budget, but you still want to get the best deals, you will love their Refurbished deal.

These second-hand phones were either returned within 14-days or were sold or recycled after a period’s use. Second-hand devices are significantly cheaper than when you buy new ones. 

And you will not have to worry since they test each device to ensure that it functions like a new one.They inspect, test, and refurbish each second-hand gadget thoroughly before they put it up for sale.

Moreover, all their second-hand gadgets come with a supplier 12-month warranty, which guarantees the quality and performance of each device.

3. Affordable Mobile Cashback

As an incentive for every purchase, they provide cashback for each customer. Once you purchase, they automatically transfer the Guaranteed Cashback to your bank account. Take note that they process this 99 days from the day they deliver your order.

4. Price

They speak truth to their brand name, and they offer the best value deals for the latest smartphone models. Guarantee that you can buy a quality device at the lowest price.

Other Perks

pros 3

Here are some more reasons why you should consider buying from them:

Free Next-day Shipping

What’s better than free shipping? Free shipping with NEXT DAY DELIVERY. It is a convenient service because you will not only save money but time as well.

Offers and Promotions

Some of their deals come with a free gift. They also run frequent offers and promotions partnered with manufacturers to give customers extra perks.


You can upgrade your device with them regardless of where you bought your existing contract. You are eligible for a FREE device upgrade typically 45 days before your current contract officially ends.

Order Tracking

You can conveniently track the status of your order on their website.

Warranty: All their devices come with a manufacturer’s warranty. You also have a free one-month insurance cover. It continues on a rolling monthly basis subject to monthly premium fees.

What We Don’t Like about Affordable Mobiles

Now, let us discuss some of the minor downsides that can make you think twice about ordering from this company. These are what we gathered from the most common complaints on reviews of customers.

1. Limited Stock

cons 2

You have to take note that their stock can run out even after you have already placed your order. What is worse is that they cannot guarantee when your order will be back in stock when it runs out of supply.

You may need to wait for a period of time for it to be back in stock. Meanwhile, canceling your order can be a hassle since there is still a process that you need to follow.

It is inconvenient to go through their customer service regarding a matter that is not your fault.

2. Hassle Order Change

Another prominent issue that arose with their customer reviews is on order change. Even if the issue is on their end, you would still have to go under a tedious process for exchange/refund.

You have to call their customer service for them to process it. Some customers have also said that they would charge you for some of these processes.

Affordable Mobiles Customer Service

customer support

Their customer service can assist you with all your needs until 8 pm. You can conveniently contact their customer service on your preferred platform

However, as with most gadget providers, customers have issues with slow follow-ups on inquiries and complaints. We see most problems in email and call customer service. So when ordering, make sure to bear that this instance can occur

Recap: Affordable Mobiles Reviews

affordable mobiles reviews

When it comes to their deals and offers, Affordable Mobile Phone has the best value-offerings. The only issue is with limited stocks and with their exchange and return process (which is common for most gadget dealers).

We hope that this Affordable Mobiles Reviews have helped you decide whether you should purchase from the company or not. Good luck!

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